Top Reasons to Pick Custom Over Ready-Made Blinds

Top Reasons to Pick Custom Over Ready-Made Blinds

Posted by  on 01-01-2021
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For anyone amid a renovation or home makeover in the GTA, you may be wondering which window coverings you should choose. If you’re deciding between custom blinds and ready-made ones, custom blinds have more options and benefits than their ready-made counterparts.

What are custom blinds?

Custom blinds are tailored to your window measurements, whereas ready-made are cut to fit your window. They offer a more polished look and last longer, while also offering different styles to suit your personal taste. This type of upgrade is worth the investment for many homeowners.

Why should I choose custom blinds?

Now that you have an idea of what custom blinds are and why they are the industry standard, here are some more reasons why people opt for the custom option.

Higher Quality Product

Custom blinds are a higher quality and customizable item designed to last a long time in your home. The best fabrics and hardware are used, and some even come with a manufacturer’s guarantee so the buyer can have peace of mind. If you choose to purchase ready-made blinds, you’ll be buying something mass-produced, not as good of quality and materials, or a product that is in constant need of repair.

More Styles and Finishes

Ready-made blinds generally only come in select colours and fabrics, whereas custom blinds offer a vast selection to suit your home’s design. You’ll also have the option of mounting the blinds wherever you want and where you want the controls. Basically, custom blinds offer all styles and capabilities.

Better Fit

When you purchase custom blinds, you can get an exact fit, and it usually comes with a satisfaction guarantee or free replacement. With ready-made blinds, you have no protection, and your dimensions or sizes aren’t customizable, so the fit isn’t as ideal. Plus, your cords or slabs can be placed in the wrong spot, or you end up with an imprecise fit. With custom blinds, professional installers, like those at Window Blinds Direct, will create the perfect fit for your window space.

They Reduce Waste

Since your custom blinds are made-to-order, they contribute to reducing waste. They do so because they won’t have any residual waste from cutting down fabrics like their ready-made counterparts. In essence, when choosing custom blinds, you’ll feel good about making a positive impact on the environment.

A Better Value for Your Money

Even though you can find ready-made blinds for a reasonable price at many bigger stores, you actually won’t be saving money in the long term. This is because the quality is much lower, and you’ll likely have to continually repair and replace them as time goes on, which is also wasteful. With custom blinds, you invest in a more durable and high-quality product that will stand the test of time. Plus, your home will look even more elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Should I install custom blinds myself or get a professional?

If you decide on custom blinds, part of your purchase includes a professional installation. That way, your blinds will be the perfect fit for your window. Always leave these installations to the professionals to ensure the process is done correctly the first time. You’ll end up saving money and avoid potential hassles down the line.

Why choose Window Blinds Direct?

At Window Blinds Direct, we have a talented team of window treatment experts, interior designers, and masters of craftsmanship that deliver the most innovative and stylish custom blinds to our customers. Our team works together and takes your input into account to design and produce high-quality window coverings for your unique space.

We have an in-house operation that gives our clients an advantage for factory-direct pricing so that you can get the blinds you want at a cost-effective price. Also, we work with you through each step of our renowned process, which includes precision measuring, custom product design, and convenient and effective installation.

If you are looking for custom window blinds to amp up your home’s look and function, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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