6 creative ways to use window blinds as room dividers or space enhancers

6 Creative Ways to Use Window Blinds as Room Dividers or Space Enhancers

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Modern homes are typically built with an open concept ideal throughout most of the home. This allows freedom to style the room however you want and to let in as much natural light as possible. 

Not too long ago, the trend was to have small partitioning walls (either plain or made from glass blocks) as a feature to break up the room. However, since they were static, they did not always accommodate the designer in the family, and tended to go out of fashion quickly.

Luckily, 2024 is the year of interior change, and window blinds and coverings are taking on new roles. They no longer function simply to decorate the windows, but also serve as environmental control and ambiance setters.

1. Japanese inspiration

In Japan, traditional houses have two design elements: the Fusuma, and the Shoji.

The Fusuma is an opaque panel that slides, and is used to break up a room and create different functioning spaces. They come in one or two panels, depending on the size of the room.

The Shoji is a transparent sliding panel used to separate the inside and outside of the house, giving security as well as privacy. 

This inspiration can help you transform your rooms. Using horizontal shutters, or fabric vertical blinds, you can separate a section of a room for a different use, such as creating a divide between a child’s play area and a quiet reading space. 

With the fast-changing seasons and weather that goes with it, blinds in Toronto are a great addition to any residence, and are being used to create spaces in an open-plan setting that makes home life even more comfortable.

2. Bedroom transformation

Drapes are often thought of as being heavy, cumbersome, and drab. However, these amazing and versatile coverings come in a range of colours and fabrics, and can be used to create various looks to a bedroom.

Carefully draped and tied on the wall behind the bed, or hung along the walls and gathered in sections, you can create different features to elevate the room and give it a whole new feel.

3. Open up the home office

Working from home is the norm for a lot of people today. Sometimes, though, this can feel almost as isolating as working in an office cubicle. 

With a little renovation, blinds and shutters can really open up a space. With the aid of a professional, a non-retaining wall can be removed, or a section opened up and replaced with decorated shutters or horizontal blinds. 

This can allow you to feel less claustrophobic and let in natural light. The right colours and design can also add some vibrancy to your space, helping to get the creative ideas flowing. 

If you need to create a space to set up your home office, you can hang decorative shutters. You can place them at different heights to allow you a moderate amount of privacy or full privacy, depending on what you do.

4. A splash of colour

Window coverings tend to be very functional and stylish. They provide privacy and protection from the sun, and help to keep a room cool.

They can also be the backdrop for some amazing colours and artwork, which can be hung from the ceiling to break up a room, provide some protection from the sun, or add privacy, depending on where it is placed.

If your home has a sunroom, then the splash of colours can help to make it look magical when the sun hits. Still benefiting from UV protection and reduced glare, the sun can project the colours throughout the room, casting them on the floors and walls, adding a unique vibe.

5. Mobile partitions

Have you ever seen the clothing racks on wheels in the larger stores? These can make great frames for blinds that you can move around.

These mobile partitions make excellent use of fabric blinds. The blinds themselves come in stunning colours and can have patterns or other artwork on them. When attached to the racks, they can be moved so you can create separate areas wherever they are needed. 

You can even take them outside to help create a colourful and stylish area on the patio or deck. This also provides some shade and protection from the harsh sun.

6. The door alternative

For smaller apartments and homes, internal doors can feel bulky, in the way, and reduce the amount of available floor space.

By removing the internal doors for a bedroom or living space, and replacing them with ceiling-hung blinds, you can still get the privacy needed and keep the rooms separate from each other.

If you reside in a studio apartment, then you can hang blinds or drapes to break up the space and create privacy where you had none previously. Blackout curtains or blinds can provide excellent privacy in these situations without being bulky and difficult to manoeuvre.

Contact the Window Blinds Experts

The range of blinds, drapes, curtains, and shutters available on the market has drastically increased over the last few years. With the rising technology accompanying it, these coverings are no longer just for windows. 

Taking inspiration from designs hundreds of years ago, these coverings are now being used in new ways to create unique aesthetics within the modern home.

If you want to transform your home, either in its entirety or partially, speak to the professionals at Window Blinds Direct. With years of experience and knowledge at our award-winning fingertips, we can take your design and home to new heights. 
Call us at 647-503-4357 or go online for a free estimate, and have a chat with us about your ideas and vision so we can help you realize it.

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