Installation of Window Blinds and Shades for Your Toronto Home

Your dream house is finally taking shape, and it’s time to add the finishing touches that make this revitalized space every square inch yours. Let’s add some flair — and enrich the view — when you look out the window. This calls for window treatments.

But what’s the right window treatment for your every window in your new home? Whether it’s blinds or shades, the most basic requirement is size and fit. At Windows Blinds Direct, our savvy team of window treatment experts start by helping you measure the windows for perfectly fitting blinds.

Know Your Options

What kind of blinds are you installing? Each type of window blinds comes with unique specifications — and with that, controls for perfect positioning, light-filtering, and privacy control. Window blinds come with a continuous loop clutch, allowing you to position them at exactly the right position, whether it’s for ushering in the soft morning glow or controlling privacy.

But window blinds aren’t all about function. Decorative accents allow you to personalize every square inch of the space, even window treatments.

Inside Vs. Outside Mounts

Inside mounts provide optimal control for light and privacy, but outside mounts eliminate the inevitable light gap. It’s typical to leave a gap between window blinds slats so they can operate properly, but an outside mount allows for increased width to minimize gaps for light, helping you eliminate blinding sunlight, especially in rooms that are hit with the harsh afternoon sun.

Although most people opt for a cleaner, inside the window look, it’s typical to be left with an approximate 3/4” light gap on either side of the blinds. Therefore, some customers opt for outside mounting to avoid these gaps.

Our Service Guarantee

At Windows Blinds Direct, we encourage homeowners to be part of the process, so you can help bring your vision for a space that’s uniquely yours to life. That’s why we’re here to guide you throughout the measuring process.

Service Areas

Windows Blinds Direct serves the Greater Toronto Area from Burlington to Whitby and Aurora to York. Are you interested in high-quality window shades, blinds or shutters at affordable prices? Check our service area chart for your nearest location.

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