Custom Window Blinds in Mississauga

Window Blinds in MississaugaToronto is surrounded by lots of promising and bustling cities; just west of it is Mississauga, home to some of the fastest-growing commercial, retail, and industrial businesses, as well as a thriving population. Consistently named one of the best cities to live in the province, Mississauga has distinguished itself not just as an alternative to young families that want to get out of Toronto, but as a city with its own heritage, attractions, and bustling industries.

Just like anyone living in the GTA, Mississauga residents are no strangers to the demands of city living, busy neighbourhoods, and seasonal extremes. Now more than ever, homeowners in the city need lifestyle upgrades to keep up with the demands of their schedule and allow rest and relaxation where it matters most — at home. It’s time to fit your living space with durable furniture, stylish accents, and energy-efficient, light filtering window treatments.

Custom Window Blinds in Mississauga

Window Blinds for Mississauga Homes

Soft window treatments like curtains and drapes are an interior design classic. Loved for their colours, patterns, and textures, they’re a little less loved for the constant upkeep required to switch between the cool, sheer variety in the summer, and thick, insulating ones in the winter. Plus, think about the dust and grime they accumulate when they’re left up for even just a month or an entire season at a time. Not to mention the upkeep of having to clean them constantly.

Hard options like blinds, shutters, and shades offer stylish and durable function year-round, without requiring constant maintenance and upkeep. Crafted using leading materials like genuine wood, vinyl, PVC composites, and insulating fabric, these window treatments are built to last. Raise, lower, or rotate the slats and louvers to switch between natural light and privacy, and earn energy savings thanks to their insulating construction.

Our Window Blinds Coming to Your Mississauga Homes


Gone are the tangled cords and unevenly opening slats of the old plastic and metal variety. Our cordless blinds come with slats that can be opened and closed, and entire panes that can be raised and lowered all at a touch of a button.


Get the best of soft, luxurious curtains and drapes reinforced with motorized controls for raising and lowering. Window shades are crafted with textured and insulating fabric and come with light filtering and blackout options for optimal light control and insulation.


Opt for these semi-permanent installations for long-lasting function, and enjoy increased light control and privacy through precisely rotating louvers, as well as comfortable warmth thanks to their insulating construction.

Our Exclusive Features

Window Blinds for Mississauga Homes

Our designers are always working to develop lifestyle solutions for the modern homeowner in Mississauga. We craft window treatments with the goal of increased convenience and seamless function. With smart home solutions being the new, best way to live, we also work to bring your window treatments to the future;

  • Motorized controls: with seamless cordless options, our window treatments offer reliable and even programmable functions. Set times for opening and closing blinds and shades for daylight and fresh air, as well as total privacy.
  • Light filtering and blackout: get all the rest you need to take on busy days. With these window treatments, you can limit or keep the sun out completely, so you can enjoy those precious winks of sleep without being woken up by the harsh glare.
  • Custom windows: your home is a space for personal expression, and that includes all the little details. Whether you want large, floor-length windows or other custom shapes and sizes, we can craft window treatments that match your style and support your lifestyle needs through light control, privacy, and insulation.

Install Window Treatments in 3 Easy Steps

  1. In-home assessment: our designers visit your home and look at each room to recommend the best window treatments for your interior design, lifestyle, and budget.
  2. Measurement: our guarantee is a precise, secure fit and durable function. From measuring the inside and outside mounts to step-by-step assistance, our designers help you get the best of stylish and functional window treatments.
  3. Delivery and installation: we can fit your new window treatments in just a couple of weeks, so you can live better with optimal light control, privacy, and insulation in no time.


Are there any after-installation maintenance or care suggestions for window blinds in Mississauga?

Yes, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your window coverings in good shape. Regularly using a soft cloth or hoover attachment to dust the blinds can help prevent the accumulation of dust and allergens. Use a sponge or cloth to gently clean the blinds with a mild detergent and water mixture for a deeper clean. Avoid using corrosive cleaners or harsh chemicals that might harm the blinds. Additionally, adhere to any particular maintenance guidelines the manufacturer of the blind has provided.

Can window blinds be installed on windows with unusual shapes or sizes?

Window blinds can be customized to fit windows with unusual shapes or sizes. Some blinds manufacturers offer custom-made blinds that can be tailored to fit unique window configurations such as circular, triangular, or arched windows. It's best to consult with a professional or contact the blind manufacturer to discuss your specific requirements and available options.

Are there any safety considerations when installing window blinds?

Yes, safety is an important consideration when installing window blinds, especially if you have children or pets at home. To prevent accidents, it's recommended to install cordless blinds or use cord cleats or cord tensioners to keep cords out of reach of children and pets. Additionally, make sure the blinds are properly secured and do not pose a strangulation hazard. Follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper safety measures are in place

Cristina Cordeiro
We have used this company in both our homes. Excellent customer service and love our shutters. They are professional and great craftsmanship. I had a tricky window and their recommendations and the end result were perfect! We would use them again.
Anne Hufmman
Product is wonderful and I wish we had installed the blinds sooner. The whole experience from the measurements to the installation was professional, friendly and extremely well done. This will be my go to company for future blinds.
Osmar Silva
I got new automated shades in my condo in Toronto downtown - excellent work done by Michael / Charles at a fair price. Everything done on the schedule, no headaches. I highly recommend Windows Blind Direct
Esme Pombo
First time that I contacted this company, but I was very happy with them. I would recommend this company for any blind job, they did a fenominal job, and were quick.
Irene Coelho
Amazing experience, after 5 years needed batteries and minor adjustments to exiting blinds and they helped . Thank you for your great customer service. Especially Michael
Deirdre McMurdy
This is the second time we've worked with Window Blinds Direct - which a testament in itself. Michael and his team are very responsive and engaged. They do through assessment of the job, provide honest feedback on the best options, and then provide exceptional results. We could not be more delighted with both the California shutters and the shades they have installed in our home. Highly recommend!
I'm very happy with the custom blinds I ordered over 3 years ago. Recently I decided to change one window from light-filtering to blackout and Michael was very responsive over email. Within a month of my initial email Charles installed the new blackout blinds, which is very impressive considering it's a custom order.

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