Custom Roman Shades in Toronto

What window treatments does your house need? With the most basic considerations of light filtering, privacy, and energy efficiency accounted for; it’s time to consider what style best suits the overall interior design of your home.

Roman shades pack all the core benefits of window shades while offering an innovative pulley mechanism for a smooth transition, opening and closing like an accordion. That’s what makes roman shades a preferred window treatment by many savvy homeowners like you.

How Roman Shades Work

Built with a precision mechanism for opening and closing to usher in just the right amount of natural light, roman shades are just as chic, elegant, and easy to use. The accordion mechanism allows you to open and close the shades as you please, filtering light and providing privacy with ease. Increase climate control and insulation the greenway with fabric options designed according to seasonal conditions; opt for lighter fabrics in the summer and heavier ones to shield you from the cold.

The accordion mechanism is enabled by a pulley system connected to one section of the shades, so all you need to do is pull the cord to set them in the perfect position. The smooth operation prevents knotting and avoids complications. As a result, roman shades look as elegant as they are functional, making them a smart and stylish option for any interior design aesthetic.

Perfect Style

Roman shades come in a variety of styles, each rendered with a unique character and flair to match different interior aesthetics and enable ease of use:

  • Soft shades: this soft and feminine option is designed to flow freely, whether when hanging down or retracted up. This European style of window treatments is made possible by the absence of the dowel rods typically found at the bottom of shades to keep them in place.
  • Flat shades: built with a dowel at the bottom, these roman shades can hang flat when fully extended while maintaining clean, crisp lines even when retracted.
  • Cascade shades: these roman shades look like a waterfall when lowered, lending texture, visual interest, and accent to a space when lowered to the right level.

How much do roman shades cost?

Ask our in-home specialists and designers for precise measurement and a free estimate, all while ensuring free installation and inexpensive maintenance for these highly versatile window treatments. We’ll help you select the right type, fabric, and overall design to ensure a pleasant living experience.

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