PVC Window Shutters in Toronto

With a wealth of window treatments to choose from and factors like lifestyle and budget to consider, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are looking to make smart investments in their home’s interior. As with any major fixture and investment in your home’s comfort, feel, and security, it’s important to strike a balance between style, function, and budget.

Shutters are a great option for homeowners looking for a sturdy, even semi-permanent installations that require little to no maintenance and upgrades as the seasons change. Hinged on the window frames, shutters provide complete control over the amount of beautiful, natural light and fresh air entering your home and the degree of privacy from the street view. But what are the best shutters for style, function, and budget? Get the best of all three from PVC shutters.

The All-in-One Option

PVC shutters pack all the core benefits of this beloved window treatment, including a stylish finish, optimal light control and privacy function, and for the savvy homeowner whose every dollar is an investment. Crafted out of the popular polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material used in virtually everything these days, PVC shutters may be designed to resemble wood, but offer a lot more.

PVC is best known for its durability and lightweight nature. Furthermore, it makes for an excellent option for warp-resistant, highly durable window shutters. PVC shutters pack a solid construction that includes a waterproof paint finish and crack- and fade-resistant properties, even with prolonged UV and moisture exposure. They’re the perfect window treatment for all over your home, but pack improved benefits for kitchens and showers.

Open the Windows Any Way

PVC shutters come in a range of shutter systems that allow them to open and close in various ways, depending on your home’s architecture and exposure to the elements, including beautiful daylight streaming gently through the windows.

These include a bi-fold system suited for patios and large windows or doors leading to outdoor spaces, accentuating glass doors while providing optimal light control and privacy. Other options include by-pass shutters, which divide rooms into different spaces without permanent and costly construction, as well as alternatives to wardrobe or bathroom doors, and hinges for mounting on windows. With PVC shutters, you enjoy flexible and stylishly innovative designs and reliable functions wherever they’re used.

Custom Options

There’s nothing we love more than the look and feel of something that’s crafted especially for us – that includes customizable PVC shutters. These window treatments can be made-to-order according to your needs and preferences. PVC shutters can be crafted to suit various door and window sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for, particularly imaginative architecture.

Style and Function on a Budget

When it comes to a mix of trendy design, reliable function, and cost savings, no other type of shutters perform better than the PVC variety. These shutters pack all the great benefits of their wooden counterparts, but without the price tag. That’s made possible by their relatively lightweight construction – and even then performs well under daily wear and tear, sun exposure, and moisture-rich conditions. Get all these benefits and more with a smart investment in PVC shutters.

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