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It’s no secret that curtains and drapes are heavy, and even with some blinds and shades, the fabric is just too thick and block out all the light. So how do you achieve that soft, dramatic glow of natural light?

Sheer shades are the perfect solution: unlike their blackout counterparts, these shades still provide privacy and filter light, but just at the right amount. With sheer shades, you can keep out the full glare of sunlight and still get that soft, beautiful glow streaming through open windows. Plus, they provide ample privacy while keeping your home warm and cozy with just the right amount of light.

Sheer Shades: The Best of Both Worlds

With sheer shades, you get the benefits not just of one, but two leading window treatments: blinds and shades. That’s right — these innovative coverings combine the functionality and style of both blinds and shades, as the soft inner vanes work like blinds that can be tilted to open and close while remaining enclosed by a delicate layer of sheer fabric to filter light in softly.

But don’t worry, this delicate mix of vanes and sheer fabric is just as easy to operate as it is low maintenance. Sheer shades can be lifted using the continuous motion that closes the vanes, similar to how blinds work. When the vanes are closed, the two outer layers of sheer fabric lie flat against them, and upon rolling up, the shades are hidden inside the top rail. With the shade down and vanes open, light is gently filtered in through the luxurious, sheer fabric. The result is a seamless flow of soft, natural light to brighten up the space, while maintaining privacy.

Sheer Beauty

Sheer shades look and feel as exquisite, as their name suggests. Crafted to lend a soft, ethereal glow to any space, sheer shades use soft fabrics to cover individual blind vanes, blending style with functionality. Witness the gentle glow of natural light softly filtered into the room, and bask in the peaceful, romantic vibe that sheer shades create. Plus, enjoy utmost privacy with any combination of colours, materials, intricate patterns, and control mechanisms for drawing the shades and rolling up the vanes — at the touch of a button.

Comfortable Warmth

Don’t let the name fool you — sheer shades pack just as much insulation as other types of window shades and treatments. Even with their soft fabric, sheer shades are designed to keep internal and external environments separate, so your home stays warm and cozy no matter the weather outside.

Custom Options

One of the most versatile window treatments available, sheer shades, come with highly customizable options to provide increased light control, insulation, and overall comfort. Choose between light filtering and room darkening options to keep you comfortable during the day and limit the glare of the sun while increasing privacy and giving you the utmost peace of mind.

Just let our window treatment professionals about your house and its overall aesthetic, and we’ll match you with the right sheer shades — and custom add-ons for the complete experience.

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