Plastic Window Shutters in Toronto

Shutters are one of the most durable, timeless, and aesthetically pleasing window treatments that are sure to brighten, insulate, and enhance the overall look and feel of your home. But which type and style are right for you? It’s time to invest in long-lasting shutters that evolves as your lifestyle needs and interior design tastes change.

Plastic shutters are some of the most popular window treatments in the market, offering durability and updated style, all on a budget. These shutters pack the most value for money, providing both long-lasting function and style for its affordable price.

Plastic Shutters: High-Powered Function on a Budget

Similar to their vinyl and PVC cousins, plastic shutters are carefully crafted using vinyl or co-polymers, resulting in sturdy and moisture-resistant construction. Plastic window shutters are formed using a single injection moulding to fit standard window sizes. For the custom variety, these plastic shutters are reinforced with a plastic injection moulding. The result is a high-rated function that’s built to last as your lifestyle — and the seasons — change.

Durability on a Budget

Plastic shutters have proven to be so much more than cheap alternatives to luxurious wood, providing savvy homeowners with a smart, budget-friendly option for both function and style. And unlike expensive options, plastic shutters are much more durable, as their composition has made them resistant to water or moisture damage, warping, cracking, and other extreme conditions. It’s time to discover your options for complete, cozy interiors — and stick to your budget.


Plastic shutters aren’t just budget-friendly, they’re also life-proof. That’s right — with heat- and moisture-resistant construction, these window shutters can be styled to look just as elegant, luxurious, and timeless as their wooden counterparts, but without the price tag. This also means that they’re built for anything that life can throw your way.

Unlike other materials, plastic window shutters are incredibly easy to maintain. Wipe them down using a washcloth once in a while, without having to worry about staining, discolouring, and just about anything that can happen to furniture and fixtures with little kids and pets running around all day. That’s why they’re built for life.

Choose Plastic Shutters

At Window Blinds Direct, our innovative designers and window treatment experts are dedicated to helping savvy homeowners like you access modern living solutions. These include plastic shutters, ensuring optimal light control, insulation, and a clean, contemporary look, but without keeping these great benefits out of your budget.

Our designers work with you every step of the way to find the right shutters for your space, starting with presenting you with stylish, durable, and affordable options. We’ll help you determine whether plastic shutters are the best choice for your budget and lifestyle, and provide a quality guarantee for this lifetime investment. With the right window treatments, we can help you live smartly and comfortably, starting with looking out the window.

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