Vienna Sheer Shades in Toronto

Window treatments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing like the premium features and benefits of custom designs crafted especially for you. The good news is, they don’t have to be expensive to pack all these luxurious benefits. That’s exactly what Vienna shades are all about.

The vienna shades which are equivalent to a silhouette are light and airy, lending an ethereal glow to any room — the perfect medium for natural light to cascade through and accentuate the space. Designed with horizontal vanes suspended between layers of sheer, airy fabric, Vienna shades filter light perfectly, creating a soft glow unlike any other type of window treatment. But these sheer shades aren’t just all about style and light control — they still keep your home private, striking the perfect balance between function and design.

Sheer Beauty and Privacy

Vienna shades look like they came straight out of a beautiful dream — light, airy, and soft enough to filter light in beautifully, cascading through any room to fend off the harsh glare of daylight. These shades achieve this innovative functionality, thanks to the horizontal position of the vanes suspended between layers of the sheer fabric. And even with the shades closed, the layer of fabric between the vanes remain in place, ensuring optimal light control and privacy in place, no matter what time of day or year. Bask in the soft glow of natural light while enjoying the utmost peace of mind and relaxing behind closed curtains.

Year-Round Insulation

Vienna might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of insulation and greener energy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do the job. Although thinner than other fabrics are used in these shades, when the shades’ vanes are overlapped, they can increase their insulation power, ensuring improved climate control and warmth during the colder seasons. And in the summer, you won’t even have to worry about them, as they’ll filter in light softly while keeping your house cool all around. All in all, their light touch and breezy feel should make every house feel like a real, cozy home.

Cost of Vienna Shades

The elegant, pristine look of Vienna shades are a lasting investment in your home’s interior design and overall, year-round comfort. Designed to suit a wide range of interior design aesthetics while remaining a true classic, these sheer, silhouette equivalent looking shades are tailored according to your exact preferences. Invest in Vienna shades today to enjoy optimal light control and privacy inside your home, while maintaining that light, elegant air of sophistication.

Custom Options

Vienna shades are a top choice in window treatments and interior design, making them a premium option for a warm and cozy environment. But that’s not all the benefits they pack. These sheer, silhouette-like shades come in custom options including light filtering and room darkening modes, providing optimal light control, privacy, and even energy savings — all while keeping out the full glare of the sun, so you can get those precious winks of sleep through the morning.

Ask our window treatment experts about the stylish and functional benefits of Vienna shades, and fit your home with these beautiful and completely breathable window treatments for long-lasting use.

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