Honeycomb Shades & Blinds in Toronto

Curtains and drapes may look nice, but can you keep up with their high maintenance needs? You can still get the full experience of up-to-date interior design trends with less maintenance: shades.

Crafted with high-quality materials and the soft finish of fabric, honeycomb shades are a great, lasting alternative for curtains and blinds. With quick installation and easy operation, honeycomb shades are sure to shield your house from the full glare of the sun, allowing light to cascade softly, and provide privacy at night.

How Honeycomb Shades Work

These shades come in a variety of colours and fabrics, allowing you to get the best of light control, privacy, and insulation, while matching the overall aesthetic of the space. With these window treatments in place, you’ll also enjoy the added perks of a fun, trendy accent enhancing every room in your house.

On the functional side, honeycomb shades pack a wealth of benefits. The modern, cordless option allows you to open and close them easily, switching from privacy and a soft glow to full view. Plus, honeycomb shades have an option to be foiled to increase energy efficiency.

Insulation and Green Living

Window treatments aren’t just fancy decor or added interior design accents — well-crafted models pack eco-friendly benefits through insulation and energy efficiency. Honeycomb shades are excellent at these, as their sides form a cell pattern that keeps air from escaping and entering through the window cracks. With perfect room temperature year-round, you can cut down on energy bills and unlock massive savings.

Who knew that honeycomb shades would be the key to green living? That’s what modern, functional fixtures and interior design are all about.

Out with the Noise

What good is blocking unsightly views or keeping you from being seen inside your home when you can still hear everything that happens outside? Whether it’s late-night traffic or your neighbour mowing the lawn, peace and quiet can really be hard to come by, especially for city dwellers.

Honeycomb shades can add a layer of soundproofing to your home, keeping outside noise muffled, giving you well-deserved peace and quiet after long days.

Honeycomb Shades Options

We love honeycomb shades for their light control, privacy, insulation, green living, and noise-cancelling benefits, but custom options provide extended lifestyle perks — and tailored solutions for sleep, increased energy efficiency, and interior accents:

  • Blackout cellular shades: this version of honeycomb shades are built with a layer of tinfoil in the lining to conserve more energy and lower utility bills.
  • Light filtering option: whether you work at night and need to rest during the day, or simply can’t stand the full glare of the sun, choose light filtering fabrics to usher in just the right amount of natural light.
  • Operation: honeycomb shades are easy to manipulate, but opening and closing them just became even more convenient with options like continuous loop cords, top/down bottom/up cordless, and bottom-up cordless.

Ask Our Experts

Get the best of eco-friendly living, light control, and privacy with honeycomb shades. Find out if these window treatments are exactly what your house needs. Our window treatment experts are here to help throughout the measurement, design, customization, and installation process. Enjoy the lifestyle benefits of these durable window treatments — and all the bonus perks they pack for increased light control and easy operation.

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