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The soft glow of natural light lends anywhere between a dramatic flair to a cozy atmosphere to any space, depending on existing interior design and accents that are amplified when hit by sunlight. But what do you do with too much sun — and at night, when it’s dark outside?

Cellular shades are the perfect window treatment for filtering light and saving energy, keeping your home refreshingly cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the colder months. These benefits alone have made cellular window shades a classic interior design trend and a functional staple that homeowners all over Toronto have come to love.

About Cellular Shades

Think pleated window treatments and various degrees of light filtering — cellular shades are designed with various settings that ensure maximum insulation to keep your home as cozy as possible.

Also known as Honeycomb shades, cellular shades are designed with luxurious fabrics and various light control options (sheer, light filtering, or blackout). The pleated design or honeycomb-shaped pockets spanning wide, massive windows prevent air from escaping or entering your home, promoting energy efficiency as the AC or heater avoids working overtime to maintain cozy temperatures no matter the weather outside. Thicker fabrics used in cellular shades provide great insulation in the colder seasons, allowing you to regulate indoor temperatures in a greener, more natural way.

Versatile Design

Stay on-trend with the latest in home interior design through cellular shades in different colours, fabrics, and prints, as well as enhanced cordless options and other customized solutions. Choose between light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout options depending on your lifestyle needs; pair these with a selection of controls, including twin-fold or top-down and bottom-up mechanism, as well as a cord-free, continuous loop, and full motorization for enhanced light control and insulation.

  • Opening and closing: choose between top-down and bottom-up options for lowering or raising shades depending on the window style and your preferences, while maintaining the core benefits of light control and privacy.
  • Modular design: mix and match fabrics, like a pleated option on the top for filtering in as much natural light as possible, while opting for a blackout cellular material at the bottom for added insulation and guaranteed privacy.

Types of Cellular Shades

Built with quality materials that provide optimal shade and climate control through their pleated design, cellular shades last longer than curtains and blinds are quick to install and easy to control. Choose this long-lasting option for guaranteed durability despite extended and constant sunlight exposure.

    • Blackout cellular shades: save on monthly utility bills with blackout cellular shades that prevent harsh, disturbing sunlight from flooding in entire rooms, especially when you need peace and rest. Cool down and block out the sun and other unwanted light even more effectively with the extended option of tinfoil inserts for increased energy efficiency.
    • Light-filtering cellular shades: diffuse the glow of natural light, allowing it to cascade smoothly instead of allowing full glare. These shades are designed for those who need precious sleep during the day to recharge for late shifts, with various filtering levels for maximizing available natural light.

Ask Our Cellular Shade Experts

Our team of in-home specialists and designers are here to help you fit your home with the right cellular shades, enabling optimal light and climate control, as well as privacy when you need it. Speak with us about this cost-effective solution for leveraging the beauty and functionality of natural light, and enjoy the benefits of careful in-house production, factory-direct window shade manufacturing, and a flawless process from precision measuring to installation.

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Types of Cellular Shades

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