Plantation Shutters in Toronto

All window treatments add accents to a home, but none are quite as beloved as much as the classic plantation shutters. It’s no surprise that these have become synonymous with shutters themselves, as this popular style is loved for streaming generous amounts of natural light, creating beautifully soft, glowing interiors. But best of all, we’re bringing them to your house in updated and custom styles built for your lifestyle and budget.

It’s time to invest in beautiful Interiors — let light in, create a warm and cozy vibe to come home to, and enjoy utmost privacy in the comfort of a space built on your exact needs. Discover how the right plantation shutters can help you achieve these and more.

An Updated Take on a True Classic

Plantation shutters come with a lot of history — that’s centuries of proof of their long-lasting and reliable function hailing from plantations in the southern states of the US. Originally crafted as accents for charming, rustic interiors, these shutters have evolved to allow for optimal light control and generous ventilation of fresh air. The result is a window treatment that provides excellent function and timeless style — with beautifully curated views of the outdoors every day.

Modern plantation shutters offer a greater balance of practical function and classic style, thanks to updated louvres that are 3.5″ in size. They filter natural light and fresh air in seamlessly, creating a bright, airy atmosphere year-round. These wide louvres are also especially suited to homes with high ceilings, adding depth and accents to soften tall expanses, while enabling optimal light streaming and airflow.

Seamless Design, Upgraded Function

Unlike their traditional counterparts, these next-generation plantation shutters are crafted with wider louvres, resulting in clean, fine lines and a sleeker appearance. They’re the perfect subtle addition to any interior design aesthetic, lending a classic, rustic charm without overpowering the overall look and feel you want to achieve.

Plantation shutters can be installed in a variety of ways, such as a tiered fashion that provides different controls for the top and bottom parts of the window. This provides increased control over privacy, and lasting peace of mind with security — but without hampering access to outdoor views and beautiful sunlight.

Durable Composition

Modern plantation shutters come in a range of styles and materials, each featuring improved strength and durability than the traditional version. With a choice of materials ranging from wood to equally capable alternatives like vinyl, plantation shutters can be installed on both windows and sliding doors, ensuring reliable function under the elements.

Opting for either genuine or faux wood plantation shutters boils down to what best suits your lifestyle and budget. For areas prone to moisture and sun damage, vinyl plantation shutters perform much better as these resist staining, rotting, and warping, while common areas like living and dining rooms can be enhanced by the uniquely luxurious feel of genuine wood.

Find Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a seamlessly functional and beautiful way to let light and fresh air in, instantly brightening up your home. Our designers are dedicated to helping you select and find the best type for your needs and budget, ensuring long-lasting and reliable function every time.

Window Blinds Direct offers several types of plantation shutters in several finishes; each of these is carefully crafted to suit every home’s feel and aesthetic, ensuring complete comfort every day. Our guarantee is a range of options to meet your budget so that you can enjoy durable use, generous amounts of beautiful daylight, and total privacy at affordable price points.

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