Sleep easy: Best blinds and shades for your bedroom

Sleep Easy: Best Blinds and Shades for Your Bedroom

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For most people, their bedroom is a sanctuary from the world, where they rest and recharge their body and spirit. While some people love to have natural light and sunshine streaming through their windows, others like to have the curtains tightly drawn for pure darkness and no disruptions. This is why it’s so important to choose the right bedroom blinds and window coverings for your personal preferences. Creating the right ambiance in your room is one of the key factors to feeling truly at home and at peace in your space. We’ve curated a guide of some of the best and most popular blinds and shades for your bedroom. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered regardless of what style you like and how much light you want to let in.

Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout shades will block out all light for those who love to sleep in and enjoy total darkness. These will work perfectly for those who live in bright areas where there is a lot of direct sunlight and perhaps bright city lights at night. Blackout roller shades are cost-effective and budget-friendly; however, they can be an eyesore for some. If you are concerned about aesthetics, you may want to consider installing curtains or a valance over the top of the blackout shades to give them a decorative element. Ultimately, these shades are great at blocking out the light and are a viable option for anyone working under a tight budget.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades come in blackout options as well for total light-blocking capabilities, whether in the daylight or night-time. These cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades) have insulating properties that can help you save on your energy bill by keeping the warmth (or cool air in the summer) inside. Cellular shades can be customized to your liking and with different degrees of light filtering. They are trendy, functional, and offer blackout options for your bedroom.


If you like the look of curtains and the soft flow of fabric over your windows, consider adding draperies. Draperies and curtains offer a lot of flexibility, as you can either filter light subtly or gain total darkness with the addition of a blackout liner. There are many styles, colours, and patterns to choose from with this option, and it definitely adds texture and softness to your bedroom for a cozy look and feel. Draperies and curtains are more traditional methods of light filtering, though they work just as well in modern homes.

Horizontal Blinds

No list of window treatments would be quite complete without the addition of light-filtering horizontal blinds. While vertical blinds work just as well, horizontal blinds are great in bedrooms because they can be completely gathered up at the top to let all the sunshine in when you want it. Blinds, in general, are long lasting, durable, and budget-friendly. The only downside is for people who like to sleep in total darkness, as blinds tend to let in some light even when fully drawn. However, if you are someone that likes a bit of ambiance, then blinds are a good option to consider for your home and bedroom.

Motorized Shades

When we think of a typical bedroom and having complete relaxation, we often dream of the ease and convenience that comes with being totally relaxed. This means not having to get up, do work, or tinker unnecessarily with items. With motorized shades and blinds, just the click of a button can have you in relaxation mode. Motorized shades have a built-in motor that raises and lowers them efficiently and automatically through a remote. If you are a fan of smart, modern solutions, then this would definitely be something for you to look into. With motorized options, you can control your shades from anywhere in the house to ensure your bedroom has the right ambiance before you even enter! They can be pre-programmed for any time of the day for your ease and comfort. Motorized shades are a great option for the disabled and elderly who may not want the extra hassle of pulling and fiddling with cords and chains.

Vinyl Shutters

Another good option for your bedroom window treatments is vinyl shutters, known for being sturdy, reliable, and budget-friendly, as well as attractive. As opposed to wooden shutters, vinyl shutters are great in humid areas and bedrooms where there is normally a lot of moisture in the air. Vinyl shutters come in an array of different styles and finishes, and block out light very well (though not like a blackout shade).

So, don’t get stuck in the dark with the wrong window treatments for your mood and lifestyle. Do your research before going into the store and ask questions if necessary. Blinds and coverings can affect your sleep quality and overall health, so make sure you choose the right option and functions, while staying true to your sense of style. For more information on bedroom blinds and shades, please contact Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here.

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