Motorized Shades in Toronto

Modern living demands seamless solutions for virtually any lifestyle essential, and that includes your windows to the world.

With motorized shades, you can say goodbye to heavy, hard-to-maneuver blinds and shades. Drawing the shades open or close just got a whole lot easier and far more seamless.

Smart Living

Modern living is all about convenience, allowing you to zoom in and out of the house on your busiest days without having to worry about setting light control, privacy, and insulation levels yourself. Motorized shades allow you to do all these – but without lifting a finger. With automated controls for opening and closing shades, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’re getting just the right amount of sun while keeping your home as secure and private as possible.

Motorized shades are engineered to precision. Built with a motor that raises and lower the shades, you can save yourself from the hassle of fumbling with cords, chains, and even cordless shades. Save time and energy simply by pressing a button to raise or lower shades – and even all at once in the entire house. Discover smarter, living better today.

Looking Out the Window Has Never Been Easier

Motorized – or remote-controlled – window shades offer a wealth of benefits, all geared towards better living with seamless solutions for these fixtures and accents. See why your window treatments shouldn’t be an exception when it comes to switching over to smart, modern living. Think about all the hours and energy you can save – and the unparalleled level of precision for light control and privacy in every room that you won’t get anywhere else.

  • Convenience: perhaps the biggest – and most essential – benefit of motorized shades, convenience is the golden standard of modern living solutions, which now also include window treatments. Motorized shades eliminate the hassle of manually raising and lowering shades according to the time of day, so you can achieve optimal light filtering and privacy exactly when you need it. Do all this, and more, with a touch of a button – and forget about climbing up ladders or stepping over furniture to get to the windows.
  • Security: motorized shades pack full automation features, including time-based programming. Keep your home as safe as possible through the seamless privacy offered by motorized shades. Enjoy the utmost peace of mind knowing that the shades can be programmed to raise or lower anytime you need them to while keeping your kids, valuables, and your home’s interior hidden from plain view – even when you’re away.
  • Family-friendly: Motorized shades eliminate the risk of dangling, easy to reach cords simply by being purely automated, keeping the little ones safe with the touch of a button.
  • Practical: it doesn’t matter how many rooms your house has – when you’re rushing out the door or get home late, it’s hard to keep up with raising or lowering the shades manually. Motorized shades offer a practical solution, ensuring that their position can be pre-programmed all over the house to eliminate glare during the day and keep your home privately secure at night.
  • Modern touch: with automated lighting, thermostat, dishwashing, and virtually any other appliance control, there’s no reason that your windows shouldn’t follow suit. Motorized shades allow you to get the best of modern living, including unparalleled convenience and energy efficiency.

Custom Options

Motorized shades can be tailored according to your lifestyle and preferences, ensuring a seamless experience when it comes to light filtering, insulation and privacy. Motorized shades can be crafted to pack all the versatile features from other types of shades you know and love, enhanced with automated controls for easy operation and utmost convenience.

Motorized Cellular Shades

With automated controls and seamless function, there’s nothing traditional about these cellular shades. Crafted with the core features homeowners love, motorized cellular shades are enhanced with motorized or remote-operated controls, so you can raise or lower the shades without lifting a finger. Get the best of luxurious fabrics, insulation from the pleated design, and light control, now revamped with time- and energy-saving automated controls.

Motorized Honeycomb Shades

Everyone loves honeycomb shades because of their innovative cell pockets that improve home insulation in an all-natural eco-friendly way, but with the motorized operation, you can enjoy this benefit across the entire house – and without lifting a finger.

Enjoy the trendy design, light-filtering, privacy, and cozy warmth that honeycomb shades pack, but without having to pull cords or chains to get them to work. Install motorized honeycomb shades to enjoy all these perks at once, across every square inch of your home.

Motorized Roller Shades

Out of all the types of shades, roller shades benefit the most from motorized functions. Everyone remembers how old roller shades used to get stuck or cords getting tangled, resulting in uneven lowering or raising. Now with a modern upgrade, roller shades are crafted with smoother and sturdier materials, enabling reliable function. But why stop there?

Motorized roller shades eliminate all the risks and hassles that come with this staple window treatment. Without having to worry about blinds getting stuck due to manual operation, you can get the best of hassle-free – and highly affordable – privacy and light control functions.

Ask Our Window Treatment Experts

At Window Blinds Direct, we’re continually innovating our window treatments and lifestyle essentials you know and trust to deliver modern solutions that suit your contemporary needs and interior design. That’s why we work to make motorized shades available for virtually any type of window treatment, so you can enjoy the same benefits you count on, but with a modern upgrade for convenience, safety, and efficiency. Best of all, our window treatments are modular, so you can easily select the covering you want and opt for custom add-ons, like motorized controls.

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Windows Blinds Direct serves the Greater Toronto Area from Burlington to Whitby and Aurora to York. Are you interested in high-quality window shades, blinds or shutters at affordable prices? Check our service area chart for your nearest location.

Cristina Cordeiro
We have used this company in both our homes. Excellent customer service and love our shutters. They are professional and great craftsmanship. I had a tricky window and their recommendations and the end result were perfect! We would use them again.
Anne Hufmman
Product is wonderful and I wish we had installed the blinds sooner. The whole experience from the measurements to the installation was professional, friendly and extremely well done. This will be my go to company for future blinds.
Osmar Silva
I got new automated shades in my condo in Toronto downtown - excellent work done by Michael / Charles at a fair price. Everything done on the schedule, no headaches. I highly recommend Windows Blind Direct
Esme Pombo
First time that I contacted this company, but I was very happy with them. I would recommend this company for any blind job, they did a fenominal job, and were quick.
Irene Coelho
Amazing experience, after 5 years needed batteries and minor adjustments to exiting blinds and they helped . Thank you for your great customer service. Especially Michael
Deirdre McMurdy
This is the second time we've worked with Window Blinds Direct - which a testament in itself. Michael and his team are very responsive and engaged. They do through assessment of the job, provide honest feedback on the best options, and then provide exceptional results. We could not be more delighted with both the California shutters and the shades they have installed in our home. Highly recommend!
I'm very happy with the custom blinds I ordered over 3 years ago. Recently I decided to change one window from light-filtering to blackout and Michael was very responsive over email. Within a month of my initial email Charles installed the new blackout blinds, which is very impressive considering it's a custom order.

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