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Whether you’re moving into a new space or simply redecorating, it’s common to make structural essentials a priority; but remember, not all fixtures are simply finishing touches you can do without. Unlike furniture swatches and accent decor, window coverings are almost just as essential as the windows themselves. Aside from selecting the right hues to complement your home’s interiors and texture to add depth and visual interest, window coverings perform essential functions in terms of light filtering, privacy, and insulation.

Without the right cover, a window frame is just that — glass panels providing unobstructed views of your home indoors at the street level and wide expanses that stream unfiltered amounts of natural light inside, even during the harsh daytime peak. It’s time we change that.

What are Window Coverings?

It’s common to think of interior design merely in terms of furniture, paint, wallpaper, and decor, but it’s much more than that. A truly cohesive arrangement of your personal space requires deftly tying all of these elements together, whether it’s through colours, materials, or the overall look and feel. That’s where window coverings come in.

Whether you opt for blinds, shades, or shutters, window coverings are exactly that — designed to go over the windows. They block the harsh glare of the sun and transforming it into a soft glow filtered in, while adding a layer of insulation and privacy for keeping your home just as warm and cozy as you please.

Soft Treatments

Think lots of luxurious fabric hanging over your windows, creating anywhere between a dramatic, ethereal effect and a sleek, contemporary look. Soft treatments like drapes and curtains are some of the most common and timeless window coverings, but with the increasing demand for function that meets style, it’s becoming increasingly popular to support these coverings with more permanent installations.

Redefine curtains and drapes by using them with blinds or sheer shades to create a bright and airy feel to your place. In the colder months, this reimagined take on classic fabrics enhances insulation, and throughout the year, provide increased privacy and control over natural light streaming indoors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match — and discover a combination that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Hard Treatments

These window coverings are of the solid and sturdier kind, remaining attached in place as long-term installations to suit changing seasonal temperatures and the everyday living experience. Built to last, these window coverings are carefully crafted using various materials like genuine wood, vinyl, and other composites that provide maximum durability under seasonal highs and lows, and a timeless finish.

From blinds to shutters, and shades, hard treatments are long-lasting window coverings that can remain installed for years to come, with minimal maintenance required. So go ahead — rotate the louvres, draw the shades, or lower the blinds to experience optimal light control and gentle streaming indoors, as well as increased privacy and insulation. Customize the aesthetic and ambience of your living space with window coverings that evolve along with your needs and lifestyle.

Unlimited Style Possibilities

Whether it’s a mix of hard and soft window treatments, or you opt for the purely semi-permanent variety, window coverings come in a range of materials, sizes, and finishes. Each carefully crafted and precisely engineered to suit your home’s interior design — and reflect your timeless tastes and eclectic whims. Best of all, these window coverings pack a balance of form and function so that you can create a memorably cozy environment — and enjoy lasting light control, privacy, and insulation functions built into the architecture of these coverings themselves.

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