Michael Schwartz

Michael is the son of a wood shutter manufacturer pioneer that grew his dad’s business from a small, late 80s shop to a modernized, 10,000 square foot facility manufacturing various types of window coverings. Michael has extensive knowledge in the field of mathematics, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. He studied the realm of sales and marketing at a young age and became a self-taught businessman running the family-owned business since the early 2000s. Revolutionizing his dad’s business, he’s taken the blinds industry to another level; providing one of the best customer service programs and high-quality products in the market. With almost 1,000 – 5 star reviews combined with Homestars and Google, he is sure to bring another 30 years of success. He has a passion for baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays and loves to spend every non-working minute with his wife and daughters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window...

Posted by  on 19-02-2024
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Do Window Blinds Increase Home Value?

Posted by  on 05-02-2024
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