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Daylight is beautiful — when sunlight floods a room, it adds a soft, natural glow that accentuates the interior design, décor, and overall vibe of the space. The result is an ethereal, heavenly look that’s every bit as warm, cozy, and a delight to come home to. But what happens when there’s too much sun coming in?

The sun provides powerful light – and sometimes too powerful, which can be blinding at different times during the day, even sometimes also at risk of over-exposing furniture and accents to damaging UV rays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the right balance of warm, glowing sunshine and comfortable shade. Light filtering shades are exactly what you need.

A Mix of Sun and Sleep

Unlike their blackout counterparts, light filtering shades provide optimal light control, allowing you to usher in a healthy – and beautiful – amount of sunlight. Designed to block sunlight, these window treatments can filter just the right amount of light indoors, while still providing optimal privacy and a conducive atmosphere for rest.

Light filtering shades don’t completely cut you off from the rest of the world and allow natural light to reach common areas like the living room and dining room, where it would do a great job of accentuating the space.

Sheer Beauty and Privacy

Light filtering shades are crafted with semi-opaque fabrics that allow some light to pass through, essentially transforming the harsh rays of the sun outdoors into a soft, warm glow indoors. These shades are perfect coverings for front-facing windows, bedrooms, media rooms, and bathrooms where they can eliminate glare while creating a bright, happy mood with softly filtered light.

Light filtering shades are also a key component of green living since they diffuse sunlight while offering utmost privacy – in the process of keeping your home safe and naturally insulated.

  • It comes in a variety of colours, textures, and fabrics to suit your insulation, privacy, and light control preferences, along with your home’s interior design.
  • Guaranteed durability while enabling easy maintenance.
  • Anti-static and dust-repellant fabrics for comfortable use and easy cleaning.
  • Added UV protection for furnishings exposed to softly filtered sunlight.
  • Top-down, bottom-up and motorized options available for customizable operation and light filtering while maintaining privacy.

What Kind of Light-Filtering Shades Do You Need?

The best thing about light filtering shades is that these are available as custom options on top of your standard shades. This means you can select virtually any type of shade, such as cellular/honeycomb, roller blinds, and even sheer shades, and opt for the light-filtering add-on for added light control benefits. Enjoy utmost versatility and reliable function with any type of light-filtering shade:

Light Filtering Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

The pleated design of cellular shades allows for optimal light control, allowing you to get the best of natural daylight without blinding under the full force of harsh sunlight. Cellular shades already pack this core feature, but with the custom add-on of light filtering, you can maximize control over indoor insulation and sun exposure.

Choose light filtering fabrics for your cellular shades to keep the harsh sunlight away from furniture, pets, and even yourself, and create a cozy atmosphere that bathes in the softly filtered glow of natural light. With light filtering cellular shades, you enjoy increased energy efficiency and temperature control, so you’re luxuriously comfortable year-round.

Keep your home as cozy as possible with the innovative design of honeycomb shades enhanced with light-filtering features. Traditional honeycomb shades already pack great insulation benefits as the cell patterns prevent air from escaping and entering through gaps in windows. The new cordless design also makes it easier to switch from complete privacy to soft light streaming through the windows, while remaining just as durable.

But with the light filtering add-on, honeycomb shades pack improved light control function, providing a seamless experience for enjoying daylight and taking in the sheer beauty and revitalizing energy of the sun’s soft glow that gently filters in through the windows.

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Roll-up shades just got a massive upgrade. Aside from the modern hardware that allows for smoother and sturdier operation of this classic window treatment, the light filtering option enhances the living experience by revving up the coziness factor. Light filtering roller shades provide optimal light control, bathing entire rooms in softly glowing natural light while ensuring easy installation and seamless operation through the roller mechanism. Achieve the perfect balance between privacy and natural light, at a cost that’s easy to afford for the entire house.

Light Filtering Sheer Shades

Loved for their ethereal nature and airy, romantic vibe, sheer shades are the perfect pair for light-filtering fabrics. The combination of soft inner vanes and sheer, light-filtering fabric is just as beautiful as it is easy to operate. Its a leading option in terms of both privacy and light control functions and graceful style. Enjoy the utmost privacy and peace of mind – and the revitalizing energy of this functional and trendy style.

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Window Blinds Direct is dedicated to providing homeowners like you a wealth of options for smart, better living. We believe that window treatments should be as functional as they are trendy, allowing you to get the best of both worlds in terms of privacy, insulation, light control, and interior design.

Our team of designers and window treatment experts offer a range of options for light filtering shades, each crafted to deliver the best of modern living. From cellular/honeycomb, roller, and sheer shades, we craft innovative window treatments with the added perks of light filtering features to maximize the health and design benefits of natural light.

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This is the second time we've worked with Window Blinds Direct - which a testament in itself. Michael and his team are very responsive and engaged. They do through assessment of the job, provide honest feedback on the best options, and then provide exceptional results. We could not be more delighted with both the California shutters and the shades they have installed in our home. Highly recommend!
I'm very happy with the custom blinds I ordered over 3 years ago. Recently I decided to change one window from light-filtering to blackout and Michael was very responsive over email. Within a month of my initial email Charles installed the new blackout blinds, which is very impressive considering it's a custom order.

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