Blackout Shades in Toronto

Blackout Shades

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge and revitalize you for the next day, but deep, restful sleep is harder to come by than you think. Even with soft sheets, cozy pillows, and warm covers, the first hints of sunrise all through the morning rays can be blinding – and disrupting when you need a few more winks of sleep. Luckily, we have a solution.

Sleep better than ever before with blackout shades. These revolutionary window treatments are specially designed to help you get the rest you need, when you need it. Designed to block out any harsh sunlight entering the room and waking you up before you even have to, blackout shades are the perfect option for bedrooms and nurseries, and even media rooms when you want a fully immersive, uninterrupted viewing or gaming experience.

Get ready to sleep, relax, and unwind in total darkness – and enjoy the full view of the screen, décor, and any lifestyle essential without the glare.

The Best Sleep of Your Life, Every Night

Everyone needs a healthy amount of sunshine and vitamin D, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of restful sleep. Savour those precious moments before the morning rush without being woken up and blinded by harsh sunlight. And at night, rest peacefully knowing that your window treatments provide complete privacy from the outside world.

Whether you’re busy hustling through the day, want to make sure that the little ones sleep through the night, or you’re a night owl who needs to sleep through the morning sun, blackout shades are the perfect option for getting in those precious moments of uninterrupted sleep.

Have trouble sleeping? The addition of blackout shades also triggers the sleep hormone, helping you regulate hours of rest as the body receives the signal to power down as it gets dark. And when you sleep well, you know that you can do well during your waking hours.

What Kind of Blackout Shades Do You Need?

At Window Blinds Direct, we offer a range of blackout shades to suit your sleep habits, lifestyle, and budget. Get the best of complete blackout and light filtering all in one, at any time of the day. Whether you want added insulation, daytime light filtering, or ease of control, blackout shades come in a range of options that pack versatile design, durable function, and, most of all – the highest levels of room darkening, privacy, and a good night’s sleep.


Blackout Cellular Shades

The traditional, pleated shades you know and love, now in a new blackout design. Blackout cellular shades come with all the features and benefits of the traditional version, including various settings for maximum insulation and keeping your home unbelievably cozy.

Blackout cellular shades are crafted with luxurious fabrics in three cell sizes to offer various levels of light control. These cellular shades come in the familiar pleated design with honeycomb-shaped pockets that span their entire length.

The added room darkening feature of the blackout option guarantees complete insulation, preventing both light from entering and air from escaping. Enjoy increased energy efficiency in an all-natural way and see massive energy savings when your AC or heater doesn’t have to work overtime to maintain the cozy atmosphere you love coming home to. Plus, get long-lasting use out of furniture and décor with minimal exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays, ensuring complete, familiar comfort in every square inch of your home.

Blackout Honeycomb Shades

Named after their honeycomb or cell-like design, honeycomb shades are loved for their balance of light control, privacy, insulation, and aesthetic qualities. Their seamless, innovative design form a trendy accent that enhances your home’s interior design. On a functional level, these window treatments provide some of the highest levels of insulation, thanks to the little pockets that prevent air from escaping and entering.

The enhanced blackout option allows you to switch from warm sunlight to total room darkening in just a second, resulting in increased privacy, insulation, and overall energy efficiency.

Blackout Roller Shades

Loved for their affordability, durability, and classic design, roller shades now come in an updated blackout option. Blackout roller shades come in a variety of room darkening fabrics and trendy patterns and textures while maintaining staple features like quick installation and low maintenance. Just like regular roller blinds, all you need to do is roll them up or down, and the blackout fabric emerges to provide optimal insulation, privacy, and complete right control.

Forget the old roller blinds – this upgraded version comes with modern hardware that enables smooth and sturdy operation, so the shades never get stuck even with manual operation.

Seamless Function

Gone are the days of blinds getting stuck — modern roller shades are built to last and easy to use. Modern hardware upgrades have allowed for smoother and sturdier operation, with cordless or motorized options available, so you won’t even have to pull on tabs manually and risk the shades getting stuck. Enjoy the utmost convenience and seamless operation in every room.

Ask our Window Treatment Experts

At Window Blinds Direct, we are big believers that window treatments are anything but ordinary add-ons – these are lifestyle essentials that allow you to live better, sleep peacefully, and keep your home privately secure. Our team of designers and window treatment experts are dedicated to helping you rest better through innovative blackout shades that pack all the versatile features of cellular, honeycomb, and roller shades while ensuring complete total light control and darkening when you need it.

We want you to get a good night’s sleep, every time.

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Cristina Cordeiro
We have used this company in both our homes. Excellent customer service and love our shutters. They are professional and great craftsmanship. I had a tricky window and their recommendations and the end result were perfect! We would use them again.
Anne Hufmman
Product is wonderful and I wish we had installed the blinds sooner. The whole experience from the measurements to the installation was professional, friendly and extremely well done. This will be my go to company for future blinds.
Osmar Silva
I got new automated shades in my condo in Toronto downtown - excellent work done by Michael / Charles at a fair price. Everything done on the schedule, no headaches. I highly recommend Windows Blind Direct
Esme Pombo
First time that I contacted this company, but I was very happy with them. I would recommend this company for any blind job, they did a fenominal job, and were quick.
Irene Coelho
Amazing experience, after 5 years needed batteries and minor adjustments to exiting blinds and they helped . Thank you for your great customer service. Especially Michael
Deirdre McMurdy
This is the second time we've worked with Window Blinds Direct - which a testament in itself. Michael and his team are very responsive and engaged. They do through assessment of the job, provide honest feedback on the best options, and then provide exceptional results. We could not be more delighted with both the California shutters and the shades they have installed in our home. Highly recommend!
I'm very happy with the custom blinds I ordered over 3 years ago. Recently I decided to change one window from light-filtering to blackout and Michael was very responsive over email. Within a month of my initial email Charles installed the new blackout blinds, which is very impressive considering it's a custom order.

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