6 of the Best Window Treatments for Kitchens

6 of the Best Window Treatments for Kitchens

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s where you prepare for the day, gather with family in the evening, catch up with friends, study, and spend much of your time. 

Consequently, design decisions are especially important when it comes to the kitchen. Everything must be aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, as well as functional. This includes the window treatments!

Whether you are completing a full kitchen remodel or simply looking to update your existing space, choosing window treatments is an essential step. 

There are several things to consider before purchasing, such as privacy, maintenance, and appearance. Furthermore, this article will go over the top choices for kitchen window treatments today.

Things to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments


One of the biggest advantages of having window treatments in your kitchen (and in every room in your home) is the privacy they provide. 

This is especially true if your kitchen windows face the street or your neighbour’s property. The last thing you want in the early morning is to meet your neighbour’s eyes while wearing your bathrobe and trying to brew a cup of coffee. 

Additionally, window treatments keep you and your family safe by preventing strangers from looking in. 

All in all, window treatments allow you to relax completely within your home without worrying about accidental audiences.

Light Control

You typically want window treatments to allow as much light as possible. This enables you to have privacy while keeping your kitchen bright and welcoming. 

As well, window treatments block the harmful UV rays that come with sunlight. These UV rays damage paint, furniture, and fabrics. 

Over time, your wood floors, cabinet finishes, and fabric furniture will fade.

Sunlight also raises interior temperatures, thus forcing your AC to work harder in the summer and raising your utility bills. Window treatments prevent all these issues.


Window treatments are a decorative decision. They should complement the interior design of your kitchen and serve as a beautiful accent to the rest of the space. 

Even functional window treatments should still suit your kitchen’s design! Fortunately, many different styles, colours, and types of window treatments are available to add style to any kitchen.


When browsing window treatments, don’t forget about maintenance. It’s important to choose a treatment type that is easy to clean. 

The kitchen is an especially messy room because of food preparation and cooking. Therefore, a low-maintenance window treatment is a must. 

Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time cleaning them! Treatments that only require wiping instead of washing are the best option.


Durability should always be considered when choosing products for your home. 

Window treatments are no exception! You want your treatments to last for as long as possible. The material and quality of the treatment will determine its durability.

Top Types of Window Treatments

1. Wooden blinds

Wooden shades provide a pleasing contrast to the metallic appliances in a kitchen. They bring a beautiful and natural feel, which can complement many different kitchen designs. 

Furthermore, wood is a durable material and should keep its shape for many years with proper maintenance! Wooden shades come in a variety of materials (such as bamboo and jute), slat sizes, and finishes.

2. Faux wood blinds

Although faux wood blinds look like the real thing, they’re much more affordable. They’re a great option for homeowners who want an economical, attractive, and easy-to-clean window treatment. 

Moreover, faux wood blinds are durable and won’t fade, fray, or warp. They’re also resistant to UV rays!

3. Roman shades

Roman shades combine aesthetics and functionality. They look like rich drapery, but open and close easily like a shade. 

Classy, traditional, and elegant, Roman shades bring a stylish character to your home. They suit a wide variety of decors, as they come in many different fabrics, colours, textures, and patterns.

Additionally, Roman shades are waterproof, meaning they’re a great choice even beside your kitchen sink! Lastly, they are also durable and long-lasting.

4. Roller shades

Roller shades are a great choice for many homeowners because of their low price and great versatility. 

They’re available in a range of colours, textures, and styles. Roller shades also have a simple yet efficient design. 

They roll up and down easily, hanging flat when down and curling around a cylindrical rod when rolled.

5. Cellular shades

Cellular shades can be purchased in an impressive range of colours, fabrics, and textures. As a result, you are almost guaranteed to find a style that matches your home decor perfectly. 

Cellular shades are built to resist wear and tear, so they last for many years without fading. They also have a handy feature: they are fantastic at regulating temperature because of their honeycomb design.

6. Sheer shades

Sheer shades have two layers: the first diffuses light, and the second provides daytime privacy. 

Consequently, sheer shades are wonderful at softening light and minimizing harsh reflections on kitchen surfaces. They also come in multiple colours, textures, and patterns.

Choose Window Blinds Direct for Your Window Treatments

Window treatments are an essential part of every kitchen. They provide privacy and light control and enhance the interior design of the space. 

Many blinds and shades are also highly durable and low-maintenance so that they will last for many years with minimum hassle! Several excellent window treatment options are available today, from wooden blinds to sheer shades.

No matter what window treatment you choose, Window Blinds Direct can help. We have a vast range of window blinds, shutters, and coverings to enhance the functionality and beauty of your kitchen. 

As well, we offer premium styles at factory-direct pricing so you won’t break the bank on your new window treatments. Plus, our trained professionals will install them for free!

To learn more about window blinds in East Gwillimbury, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here.

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