How Window Coverings Can Affect Home Sales

How Window Coverings Can Affect Home Sales

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The value of your home can increase based on a variety of factors. This includes window blinds in Toronto where homeowners experience four distinct seasons and plenty of natural light. 

Adding window blinds to your home can be a big selling point for potential home buyers, adding curb appeal and allowing shoppers to envision a house as it would look when they live there. 

At Window Blinds Direct, we work with homeowners and property stagers to provide high-quality blinds in Toronto. Here, we’ll talk a bit about all the ways blinds add value to your home, and how you can capitalize on that value during resale. 

Make Your House a Home

Blinds, curtains, shutters, and shades all work together to create a homey atmosphere in your house. A house can have all the best decor, bright new painted walls, and a new roof, but if it doesn’t look livable it might not sell. 

Window coverings like blinds in Toronto, help make your house into more than another building on the real estate market. They turn your house into a real home, giving potential buyers a glimpse of their life in that house. Suddenly they see the added privacy of things like:

  • Vertical blinds on the patio’s sliding glass doors

  • The welcoming ethereal glow of light-filtering shades in the living room bay window

  • The convenience of Venetian blinds on the small window over the kitchen sink

  • Blackout shades in the master bedroom to ensure a good night’s rest

Show buyers all your house could be for their family with the right window treatment

Optimize Light for the Best Views of Your House

Light control is a huge feature of window blinds in Toronto. When selling a house, you want to ensure it’s seen in the best light. Window blinds help you control the light filtering into your home to give buyers the most attractive view of your property. 

Is the light on the east side of the house too bright in the mornings? Offset the blinding sun with light-filtering or sheer shades to let in just the right amount of sunshine. Not enough light coming into the dining room because of nearby trees? Let in as much light as possible with horizontal blinds. 

Not sure which blinds in Toronto would best suit your home for light control? We can help. At Window Blinds Direct we work closely with our clients to customize window treatments for your home. 

Make Your Blinds an Investment

Buying blinds in Toronto for a large house all at once might be overwhelming to a new home buyer. They’re focusing on finances, legal aspects, realtor emails, and their everyday lives. Adding the task of covering all the windows in a new home complicates things. This is where your window coverings become a huge selling point. 

Ensuring all the windows in your home come pre-covered allows you to increase your asking price substantially. Buyers are less likely to argue the additional cost if they get to keep all the shutters, shades, blinds, and drapes you’ve strategically added to the house. 

Whether you’re covering windows for the first time before selling, or simply updating a few rooms to show them in their best light, we can help. Blinds in Toronto come in all shapes and sizes, and Window Blinds Direct knows each style very well. We offer free in-home estimates to partner your windows with the best type of blinds available. 

Add Convenience as a Selling Feature

Whether you’ve got vaulted ceilings or a loft, hard-to-reach windows are a pain. Add a little convenience to your home with motorized blinds. Motorized blinds work at the touch of a button. New models even offer you timed settings, and remote access, so you can open and close blinds whenever you need to from your smartphone. 

Homebuyers are always looking for ways to simplify their lives. Installing motorized blinds in your home before a sale gives buyers an incentive to choose your house over a similar build down the street. It also improves your chances of receiving a higher asking price. 

Convenience isn’t the only selling feature of motorized blinds. Canadians love having the best products in their homes, and blinds are no different. Buyers who love having top brands and designer labels will vie for the opportunity to outfit their house with the latest tech in window treatments. This is an advantage for you as a seller. 

Keep Your Colors Their Brightest

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the next year, you might want to think about paint, wallpaper, and decor colours. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to improve the resale value, but it won’t go very far if the sun washes it out before the sale. 

Blinds in Toronto put you in control of the sunlight entering your home. Keep your walls and floors from fading with appropriate window coverings. Blinds and shades also help protect your furniture and decor from fading. This keeps your home bright and beautiful for sale staging when you list it on the market. It also makes your realtor’s job a lot easier. 

Homeowners Value Privacy

Live close to your neighbours? New home buyers might not be interested in getting to know Mr. and Mrs. next door. Blinds in Toronto help separate you from passers-by and nearby neighbours when you need privacy. 

Blinds, shades, and shutters also reduce the temptation of would-be burglars. The less they can see in your home, the less likely they are to spot something worth stealing. 

Contact Window Blinds Direct

Looking for a quote on new blinds before selling? Or hoping to update a few rooms while you talk about price points with the realtor? We can help you amp up the value of your home with the best blinds in Toronto. 

Talk to one of our experienced professionals today to discover an assortment of customizable window coverings to put your house on the map. We invite you to call us at 1-647-5034357 or visit us online to get in touch.

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