11 Signs It's Time to Change Your Window Treatments

11 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Window Treatments

Posted by  on 17-05-2021
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Whether you just moved into a home that came with window treatments or have had the same treatments for years, sometimes they just fade into the background and you fail to notice they’re looking a little the worse for wear.

However, if you take the time to look closely, you might just find those window treatments are not in very good shape. If it’s been a while since you installed them, it might be time for a window makeover. Here we look at 11 signs it’s time to change your window treatments.

1. Damaged slats on window blinds

If you have older window blinds, over time they can become damaged. Warped, broken or twisted slats are a sign you need a replacement. Many things contribute to window blind damage, including the heat of the sun and baseboard heaters, humidity and abuse. Older blinds fail to block out light and provide privacy as effectively as all those bends and warps can lead to compromised closure so people can see in and sunlight isn’t filtered out.

Chances are if you have kids and pets, your window blinds have taken plenty of abuse over the years as well. Roller shades are the ideal replacement for ageing blinds as they look beautiful and are not as expensive as you might think. They are also designed to resist the damage of UV rays, filter light more effectively and are cordless to reduce the risk of accidents.

2. Your blinds just don’t work any more

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to open and shut broken blinds. Over the years, wear and tear, or even simple tangles, can make it impossible to get your blinds to block out light properly and provide privacy. Because blinds have so many working parts, after a decade or so of opening and closing them, you can run into issues with the mechanisms.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time for new window treatments. This is very important if you have pets or kids as malfunctioning blinds with loose cords are a choking hazard. Our roller shades offer better stability and are also designed to last.

3. Damaged cords

Even when your blinds are functioning well, take note if you see signs of damage to your cords, such as fraying, because it’s just a matter of time before the wear and tear causes them to snap. Either constant adjustment has damaged the cords or something inside the blind’s mechanisms is stressing them. Either way, it’s best to replace them before they become inoperable altogether.

4. Discolouration

Over time, exposure to the sun, not to mention conditions in your home environment such as cigarette smoke and residue from cooking, can cause your blinds to become discoloured. While in some cases, such as a greasy build-up on slats, it might be washable, if the issue is due to fading or cigarette smoke, that discolouration is permanent. Worn and dingy window blinds can ruin the appearance of your home.

The good news is, our roller shades are designed to resist fading and discolouration thanks to UV-blocking coatings and new fabrics designed to last.

5. Fabric shades are fraying

Fabric shades will eventually start to fray along the edges giving them an unloved look. If this is happening, chances are your shades are quite old, as the materials used even back then were designed to last.

Not only does fraying look bad but over time, it also interferes with the operation of the roller mechanisms. Fraying can even cause damage to paint and wallpaper depending on the overlap, as the frayed edges can scrape the surfaces.

6. The slats aren’t overlapping properly

When you try to shut your blinds tight and they no longer overlap properly or are tight or slightly twisted in some spots, this is a sign that the important tilting mechanisms are broken. Once this happens you won’t be able to get the privacy and light blockage you desire.

While you can visit the window treatment parts aisle at your local hardware store to try to fix this issue yourself, it’s complicated. You won’t get the function back 100% either. It’s easier to just replace the blinds with a new design that functions safely and smoothly.

7. Your blinds aren’t cordless

If you have pets or kids, you need cordless blinds. It takes minutes for a child or pet to get caught up in a blind cord and be in danger of strangulation. New cordless designs are available in a wide range, including roller shades, allowing you to make over your windows while keeping your family safe.

8. Privacy/light changes

This might not apply to everyone but it happens more often than you might think. If your privacy or lighting needs change you should consider new blinds. Some examples might include:

  • A neighbour chopped down some trees or bushes that used to provide shade for your windows
  • New construction has changed your privacy thanks to a condo that now overlooks your windows
  • You installed a new TV or computer and the glare is making it difficult to look at the screen
  • You turned a bedroom into an office and the glare is making it difficult to look at the computer screen
  • You turned an office into a guest room, and you need more privacy

As you can see, there are many reasons your privacy and light needs might change. When this happens, you need to consider the best options for new window treatments.

9. Your window treatments are dated

If you find your space is looking a little dated because of your window treatments, a window makeover can make a big difference. Tell-tale window treatments that really date a home include mini blinds, overly adorned 80’s Roman shades and any fabric that you can date at a glance. Since home décor changes as frequently as fashion trends, old window treatments can really make your home look out of style.

10. New windows

Getting new windows usually causes issues with the window treatment fit. It’s not something you might have considered but you’ll probably notice the window frame depth or the addition of a wider frame makes your blinds look too small or you actually couldn’t even rehang them because they are too wide. Highlight your new windows with properly fitted new window treatments so you get the most of your investment.

11. New home décor

Often homeowners re-do a room in their home and forget about their window treatments. However, your windows offer an additional feature you can add to your new home décor scheme.

If you’d like to find out more about the right blinds for your home, or about roller shades in Toronto, call Windows Blinds Direct at 647-503-4357 or contact us here.

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