The 5 Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

The 5 Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Posted by  on 01-02-2021
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Imagine this: you rise out of bed on a beautiful Saturday morning in Toronto, make your way to the large open window in your front room, open up the curtains, and let the glowing sunshine of the city envelop you in warmth and comfort.

This is not only a simple pleasure at it’s finest, but one of the major reasons why many choose and love large windows in their home. Large windows can brighten up any space and bring an element of the outdoors inside for a number of benefits.

However, one of the major downsides of having larger windows is choosing the right window treatments to fit them and give privacy and coverage when you need it. While large windows can be a dream, they can easily become a nuisance if you don’t have the right window treatments to match and ward off glare, heat, or cold when necessary.

Outlined below are 5 of the best types of window treatment options to consider when covering your large windows.

1. Motorized shades or blinds

Are you a busy homeowner that craves ease and convenience from your window treatments? If so, motorized blinds may be the best option for you. Large windows may be tall, oddly placed, or difficult to reach. If that is the case for you, motorized blinds can eliminate some stress from your life. Blinds or shades that are motorized are controlled with a remote, and can allow you to raise and lower them to your desired level with the click of a button.

This is often a great choice for those that are elderly or with mobility issues, but can also be great for those seeking ease and convenience from their window treatments. You can even program these blinds to raise and lower at any point throughout the day! With this modern comfort and functionality, motorized shades or window blinds in Toronto are a popular choice for those looking to save time and effort daily.

2. Fabric curtains and draperies

Curtains and drapes are classic, stylish, and come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics so you can choose the look you want without compromising on function. Draperies are the ultimate in stylish sophistication, as they frame your windows gracefully and allow some privacy whenever you need it. You can get creative with the options and even choose to layer heavier and lighter materials for a cohesive look.

Pairing heavier drapes on the edges and a sheer material in the centre is a popular method, as is using sheer curtains all the way through for a soft and light look. Whatever you choose, there are many options available if you go this route, and fabrics can be custom made to the specific measurements of your windows, regardless of the size.

3. Roman shades

Roman shades are a classic design that can add elegance and emphasis to your windows if done correctly. When closed, Roman shades appear flat or contoured to your window and, once opened, reveal clean folds that give texture to any space. When customizing your Roman shades, you can choose from a variety of materials and colours that match your space and desired aesthetic.

There are different opacities as well, depending on how much coverage you want. If there are multiple windows in a wide wall, stack each shade beside the other so there is no break in between them for a cleaner, modern look. Keep in mind that if your windows are low, you will want to hang the shades higher than your windows to add scale, and account for the extra material when making measurements as well.

4. Classic horizontal blinds

Well-loved by many, horizontal blinds are a classic go-to option for wide windows. They allow light in when needed, are easy to control, and are quite durable and moisture-resistant. Horizontal blinds offer a clean, modern, and easy option for those homeowners who seek a timeless window treatment that won’t quickly go out of style. So, if you are unsure what option to go with and are overwhelmed by the many possibilities presented, horizontal blinds would be a great choice that works on a wide range of window types.

5. Plantation shutters

Last, but definitely not least, plantation shutters have been a staple in many homes, and are made to fit windows that are large and small, tall or wide. Plantation shutters are easy to maintain and come in a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, and polymer. Plantation shutters can often be painted or stained to your desired colour or finish, and offer great insulation and energy saving capabilities as well. They are a great option for large windows because of their durability, as well as their sleek appearance with a bit of a rustic touch.

So remember, even though you may like a particular window treatment in the showroom or catalogue, it could look different depending on the placement and size of your own windows. Whenever you are choosing blinds and shades, be mindful about the type of windows you have and how large they actually are. For starters, always have measurements handy while shopping.

It is also important to keep other factors like insulation and maintenance in mind when choosing a window covering. Without a doubt, blinds and shutters are better options than drapery in regards to both of these concerns.

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