What are the best window coverings for your cottage?

What Are the Best Window Coverings for Your Cottage?

Posted by  on 15-06-2022
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Cottage season is the best season. With glamping trending worldwide, cottages are becoming more modern and chic than ever. One of the ways you can update your cottage style is by opting for new window blinds in Toronto. 

Window blinds add colour, texture, and light control, and improve the overall ambience of your cottage experience. At Window Blinds Direct, we offer a wide selection of window coverings, including customized window blinds in Toronto, shutters, shades, and more. 

In this blog, we’ll talk a bit about current cottage window covering trends, and how to select the best treatments for your windows

Go Natural With Wooden Shutters

Torontonians head out to the cottage to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It only makes sense, we want to see the beauty of nature while at a vacation home. Natural colours and textures are rising in popularity, with many cottage owners going so far as to bring some of that nature inside their homes. 

Aside from potted plants and earth-toned paints, you can add a touch of nature to your cottage with natural window treatments. Window blinds in Toronto don’t need to be vinyl or plastic, you can go for something that brings the outside inside with:

  • Bamboo shades
  • Wood shutters
  • Wood blinds

Customize your wooden window treatment with:

  • Dark stain
  • Clear varnish
  • Matte paint
  • Gloss paint
  • Textured or embossed finishes

Wood window treatments blend well in log cabins, but also make a statement in modern cottages and vacation homes. 

Bring in the Light With Filtering Shades

Window blinds in Toronto do more than cover your windows – they also control the light entering your cottage. Depending on where your cottage is located, a heavy treeline or hilly border could block the sun from entering your home. To avoid making it any darker than you need to, opt for a sheer to filter light in without getting blasted by the sun at peak times. 

Another way to control light, but retain privacy is by installing light filtering cellular shades or slatted horizontal blinds. Both of these blind options give optimal light controllability with the touch of a drawstring. Darken a room at night, or brighten it by opening the shade or blind to allow more natural light flow. 

Reduce Light Damage With Venetian Blinds

Light is beautiful and makes cottage life brighter, but it also can have a damaging effect. When too much light hits your walls, furniture, and artwork, a fading effect begins. If you notice patches of pale paint in areas the light touches or uneven colours on your couch and decor, the culprit is likely the sun. 

Sure, there are protective sprays and coatings you can add to furnishings, but this only goes so far to protect the dyes and fabrics. Use window blinds to double up on this proactive protection and keep your cottage looking its best for years to come. 

Window blinds in Toronto provide multi-functional protection for your belongings. Control how much light enters your cottage with Venetian blinds. The horizontal slats open and close to let light in when it’s soft, and shut it out at high temperatures and UV levels. In this way, you can monitor the sun’s location on your cottage and keep rooms light and airy without discolouring your favourite belongings. 

Protect Your Property With External Shutters

Cottages and shutters go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, they do more than give your property a charming gingerbread house look. External shutters are a great way to protect your property from the elements and pests whether you’re there, or at home for the off-season. 

External shutters come in many materials, including durable wood shutters. Protect your windows from rain and wind, divert potential intruders, and keep animals from finding tiny nooks and crannies in your window frames with external shutters. 

Shutters can be painted or stained to match your exterior or add a little punch of colour to your cottage. As far as window blinds in Toronto go, external shutters are the best option for proactive exterior protection. They also double for light control and enhance your property’s insulation. 

Heading to the cottage in the winter? Ontario gets cold in the snow, and the exterior window shutter shelf keeps the heat in and the cold out. Alternatively, in the summer, slatted shutters let some summer light filter in without blasting your home on a hot day. 

Opt for Hassle-Free Motorized Blinds

Cottage life is all about relaxation. Nobody wants to wake up and walk around the cottage opening all the blinds and curtains before starting the day. The solution? Motorized blinds. 

Motorized blinds are a great addition to any vacation home or cottage. They protect your home from light damage, enhance privacy, and give you full control over when and how much light enters your property. 

Motorized blinds are particularly useful in cottages with lofts, vaulted ceilings, and skylights. Forget climbing up on ladders to try and open and shut your blinds. Motorized blinds let you bring on the sunshine or black out the light at the touch of a button. You can also purchase your motorized blinds in multiple styles, materials, and colours, customizing them to suit your home. 

Check Out Window Blinds Direct Today

Interested in learning more about cottage options for window blinds in Toronto? We can help! Window Blinds Direct works with families and businesses across GTA, providing the best in shades, shutters, blinds, and more. We customize many of our products to suit your style and colour palette, putting you in control of your decor. 

Window blinds can last up to 8-years if properly maintained. Our products are easy to clean, and made from the highest quality materials, ensuring your investment lasts. 

Want to see what kind of window treatments we have in stock for your cottage this season? Need a little advice on the best style or material for your cottage window treatments? Give us a call at 1-647-503-4357 or visit us online.

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