Vienna Blinds: The Perfect Balance Between Style and Function

Vienna Blinds: The Perfect Balance Between Style and Function

Posted by  on 09-05-2022
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Vienna blinds date back to the 1700s, and offer a versatile blend of aesthetics and purpose to your home. These blinds set themselves apart with uniform slats stacked horizontally for easy maneuvering within the window. 

Vienna blinds’ long history in interior design and window treatments makes them a popular choice across Ontario. At Window Blinds Direct, we offer Vienna blinds in a variety of colours and sizes, allowing for custom blind selection for your home or office. To help make the choice easier, here are some benefits of this classic window treatment. 

Easy Light Control

Light control is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners install blinds in their homes. Vienna blinds offer even more light control than roller blinds, shutters, or shades because the horizontal slats open and close.

This means you can choose between opening only the slats to let in a little or a lot of light. You can also open the blind completely by pulling the string or using your remote (if they’re mechanical). 

Soften the Appearance of Your Home

When you think about light control, you should also consider the way light plays in your home to change the colours in each room. Vienna blinds differ from Venetian blinds in that the material used on the slats is double-sided fabric. This creates a softer illumination when the blinds are partially closed. The light is not so harshly filtered as with hard plastic-style blind slats. 

Using Vienna blinds over alternative designs offers a soft and airy look to any room. For ethereal grace and style, Vienna blinds are a great choice. 

Easy to Maintain

Vienna blinds are easy to keep clean, as they can be treated to be water-resistant, making any liquid simply roll-off. Although they remain water-resistant after treatment, it’s best not to wash Vienna blinds with soap and water. Instead, try cleaning with a dry cloth.

To remove dust that settles on the slats, simply give the blind a shake, or use a small vacuum attachment to get between each slat and remove debris. Spot and stain removal treatments can be used to treat individual marks or stains that accumulate over the years. 

The best way to keep Vienna blinds clean is to regularly dust them. Removing excess dust once a week will keep them clear of build-up, and prevent any marks from settling into the fabric. 

Match Your Home Decor

Choosing a window treatment is tricky because you want it to match the wall colour, furnishings, and decor without being too “matchy”. Vienna blinds come in many colours and sizes, making them easy to complement your current decor. They also allow for customization in light control, with light-filtering and room-darkening options. 

Vienna blinds are an excellent choice for rentals or homes where the decor is constantly changing. The airy vibes of the fabric window treatments make it a neutral option, softening the shade of any colour chosen so it more easily blends with furnishings. 

This is great for homeowners who are constantly changing their minds about furnishings and accents. There’s nothing worse than investing in a house full of window treatments only to decide you want to change your style and theme a few months later. Vienna blinds match so well with any theme that you can keep your blinds and change the surrounding elements instead.

Sheerness for Light with Privacy

One of the advantages of Vienna shades is their ability to offer privacy and light in your home simultaneously. Being sheer, Vienna blinds can be used to allow soft light in without opening your window to the world outside. 

Control privacy from the fabric slats by opening and closing the slats rather than pulling the blind open. You can let in as much or as little of the world outside as you choose. This makes Vienna blinds a great choice for windows on the front or sides of your home where neighbours are more likely to see inside.

Style on a Budget

Vienna blinds are a popular Ontarian home option because they are affordable. These blinds allow for style and aesthetics without breaking the bank. Because Vienna blinds are made using fabric, the construction can be as cheap or expensive as the materials you choose. 

At Window Blinds Direct, we believe that every home or office is deserving of a high standard of style. Don’t give up beauty in the name of cost or functionality. With Vienna shades, you can have it all. Our team will price your Vienna blind installation based on the size of your home, the number of windows being treated, and the type of blind you choose. 

Insulation and Temperature Control

With light control also comes temperature control. Did you know that during the hot summer months, keeping your blinds closed can reduce the temperature in that room? This also brings down the cost of heating in the winter and electricity use overall. 

Vienna blinds add one more benefit to this general advantage in that they continue to let in a soft glow of natural light while blocking harmful UV rays. Thus, you can still cut the temperature down without plunging your home into darkness.

Alternatively, Vienna blinds act as a source of insulation in the cold winter months. If you have drafty windows or find that the cold seeps in between double panes of glass, then Vienna blinds can cover the window and prevent hot air from escaping and cold air from coming in. This insulation process helps during the summer as well. 

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It’s tough to picture new blinds in your home and price them accurately. At Window Blinds Direct, we’ll come to you for a free in-home estimate. Get an accurate quote on price, size, and function with a professional visit from one of our experienced blind and shade experts. 

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