Window Treatment Ideas and Trends for 2020

Top Window Treatment Ideas and Trends for 2020

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Refreshing the design of your home can give your space a whole new look and feel and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, all without the hassle of picking up and moving to a new space.

But doing a full-blown redesign that encompasses your entire home—including walls, ceilings, and furniture—can be both an expensive and disruptive proposition for most homeowners.

Fortunately, you don’t have to overhaul your entire home in order to inject new energy and feel to your space. One great way to make your home feel fresh without having to do an entire redesign is by updating your window treatments.

To help give you a little inspiration, here are some of the top window treatment ideas and trends we’ll see in 2020, which you can use to give your home an invigorating update.

Natural/Organic Colours, Patterns, and Materials

One of the biggest trends that have developed over the past few years, and will further accelerate in 2020, is a shift toward colours, patterns, and even materials that evoke a more natural and organic feel, rather than an artificial or highly manufactured one.

In terms of colours, we expect wood tones to be big in 2020, along with browns, beiges, and bright whites. This is a significant shift from recent years, where there’s been a heavier emphasis on more neutral colour tones and greys.

When it comes to wood tones, we’re specifically seeing natural oak and pine become much more popular for window treatments than they have been in recent years. This is matched by a resurgence in furniture made of rattan and cane, which pairs nicely with more natural-looking windows.

One interesting trend that’s emerging this year is that decorators seem to be using other wooden items—like flooring, tables, and cabinets—as inspiration for their window treatments. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of blinds and shades made from materials that match other wooden items in the home. These lend a natural and authentic feel to homes that are painted white or another neutral colour.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Related to the trend towards all things natural, organic, and authentic, “green design” (in terms of environmental impact, not colour) will also have a big impact on window treatments in 2020.

There are a number of larger trends driving the green design revolution. For one, consumers have become much more conscious of the environment and the impact that their homes can have on it, and want window treatments that are going to help them conserve heat, repel cold, keep costs down, and keep their environmental footprint to a minimum.

Another factor is allergies and the atmosphere inside the home. Fabrics are now available in antimicrobial and antifungal options, either as yarns that are woven into the fabric or in the form of topical sprays that cover the material after it’s been sewn. In addition, fabrics are more resistant to stains, mildew, and mould than ever before, helping relieve the burden on those who suffer from allergies.

Finally, we’re seeing more and more window coverings coloured with non-toxic dyes, which reduces both the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and the health concerns of the consumer.

Dark Colours (Like Classic Blue)

In addition to more natural colours and patterns, another trend for 2020 is a move toward dark colours. Pantone named classic blue their colour of the year, and we’re seeing other similarly dark colours become popular options for both windows and walls. These include deep greens, dark browns, and even blacks.

These dark colours are particularly popular in window treatments. Many people fear that painting an entire room a dark colour will make it feel too cold, so they accent the room with dark window trim or shutters that really make their window treatments pop.

You can even combine the natural and dark colour trends by mixing dark window trim with lighter colour treatments, like white shades or beige blinds, to give your room a fresh feel that’s very of the moment.

Period-Appropriate Window Treatments

Restoring old homes to their former glory is a trend that’s been around for many years. However, this year we’ve seen more renovators staying loyal to what’s appropriate for their homes, rather than what’s trendy.
For the windows: these old homes traditionally call for plantation shutters, wood blinds with cloth tapes, and roller or roman shades.

Luxe Fabrics

Part of the trend toward environmentalism is moving away from “fast fashion”—which uses cheaply made materials that are replaced quickly and likely to end up in a landfill—and toward well made, higher-end products.

The trend toward luxury manifests itself in two ways when it comes to window treatments. The first is in the choice of fabrics. Examples of luxury fabrics that are becoming big for window treatments in 2020 include silks, damasks, velvet, leather, and suede.

The second is in the embellishments that can be added to the hardware, trimming, and fabric of various treatments, which could include everything from beaded tassels to sparkling crystal. In 2020, people aren’t afraid of a little luxe embellishment, as long as it’s well made, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose dark colours that accent an otherwise lighter coloured room, or natural colours that give your home a warm, woodsy, and authentic feel, there’s a wide range of window treatment ideas and trends that will make your home feel fresh in 2020.

While the options may be many, at Window Blinds Direct, we specialize in helping you narrow them down and choose the best window treatments to fit your space, tastes, and budget.

Click here to get in touch or give us a call at 647-360-7026 to find out how we can help you find the perfect window treatment at a great price.

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