How to Choose the Right Shade of White Blinds for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Shade of White Blinds for Your Home

Posted by  on 15-02-2021
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White blinds are a classic choice when you want a timeless look for your home and windows. However, while this may be an easy option, the not so easy part is choosing which shade of white will work best. Believe it or not, there are countless varieties of options when it comes to choosing the perfect white-coloured blinds for your home. While it may be tedious to go through so many shades of white, the end results can be worthwhile if you pick correctly. If you are able to make a great choice, your blinds or shades will look like they are in harmony with the rest of your home. Below are some tips on how to secure the right shade before making a permanent decision.

Ask for Samples

While on the hunt for the perfect shade, don’t make a decision solely based on a colour that you see online or in store without matching it up to what you have at home. Ask for colour samples that you can take home and coordinate with existing décor or tape to the window for a more accurate depiction. This way, you will be able to see the colour throughout the week, as long as you leave it taped up for a couple days. Try to avoid undertones of yellow and brown, and go with the white shade that looks the most neutral so that it can complement your home. A neutral white will brighten up the room and keep it from looking dingy, faded, or discoloured.

Match Your Window Trim

When in doubt, another good tip to ensure you choose the right colour is to match it to your existing window trim. This has become a popular strategy to make sure blinds or shades have a cohesive look with the entire window and room. This usually provides a classic, neutral look for when you want your windows to blend in with the rest of your décor, rather than stand out on its own.

Consider Undertones

An undertone is what makes a specific shade cool or warm. Warm tones can be red, orange, or brown in hue, whereas cool tones are blue, grey, and green. The shade of white that you choose should go with whichever tones are most prevalent in your home and décor. For example, if you have mostly cool tones such as blue and grey, you will want to choose a white shade with a cool undertone to match. If you think all white shades are the same, once you start comparing different colour samples against each other, you will soon realize the differences. If you still can’t tell the differences, hold each colour up to a white sheet of printer paper and you may be able to better see what undertone you’re looking at.

Coordinate with Flooring or Wall Colour

Many designers choose a colour for a room or accent by picking up on tones or highlights elsewhere in the room. For example, if there is a focal point such as a painting, you may choose a colour from that painting to use for accent pillows, cushions, and other décor pieces. The same can go for blinds and window treatments as well. You can match your blinds to colours found in your home such as in finishes, flooring, carpets, or cabinets. While this is usually a more creative option, it can look great when done well.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try a bold contrasting colour to make a statement, or try matching a wall colour for flair and style. If your room is all white to begin with, why not try going bold with black blinds instead? Whatever you choose, remember that the sky is really the limit because of how many finishes, colours, and fabrics are on the market. While white blinds are usually a safe and aesthetically pleasing option, don’t limit yourself if you’re feeling particularly creative.

Consult a Professional

Ultimately, picking the right colour or shade can be a difficult choice, especially when you have to live with it afterwards for a long time. Sometimes, what you may need is unbiased advice from a professional in order to make a confident decision. If you are unsure about what colour of window treatments to go with, then consult a professional designer. They can narrow down your options, or guide you to a decision based on their expertise.

When in doubt, remember that there are professional designers and colour consultants who can help you decide on a colour match or complementary tone for the perfect blinds without the hassle of guesswork.

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