Do window blinds increase home value?

Do Window Blinds Increase Home Value?

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While most people may think that blinds are just another unimportant part of a home, they can add to the overall value of the home. Blinds are not just for covering your glass doors and windows. They are an accessory to the home. Depending on the style of the home, they can fit and finish depending on the style.

They can increase the value of a home because of not just aesthetics but also because of the energy efficiency factor. A home buyer who visits multiple houses in one day will not remember everything about every house but the stand-out features, including custom blinds.

Window blinds in Etobicoke and the GTA come in all shapes and sizes. They can be horizontal or vertical blinds. As a homeowner, you may think that getting a cheap plastic blind will suffice. While that may be somewhat true, they will not add to the value of your home. It means there are some contingencies regarding blinds in Etobicoke, increasing the value of your home.

Before getting into which types of blinds have the potential to increase the value of the home, let’s first look at how exactly blinds add value.

How Do Blinds Increase Home Value?

When you calculate the value of a house, all the fixtures and fittings are considered. While this is not always true with curtains and some carpet types, home value increases with aesthetically appealing blinds. As these remain in the house when sold, they add to the home’s value. 

Blinds add to the overall appeal of the house. As mentioned earlier, prospective home buyers will look at many homes in a day, but what they will remember is what stands out. Custom blinds that look beautiful add to the appeal of the home. 

The home’s exterior can only offer so much in the form of “appeal.” The major point of attraction is the interior. It is where blinds bring together the house’s appearance and add to its overall appeal, which is what the potential buyers take away with them. Of course, no one will purchase homes solely based on the blinds, but they are noteworthy.

Lastly, another major factor in which blinds in Etobicoke add value to your home is energy efficiency. When temperatures reach 35° Celsius in the summertime, homeowners have air conditioning running on full blast to cool down the house. 

Multiple studies prove that blinds, shades, and other window treatments can lower the house’s temperature, helping you save money on your bills by not running the air conditioning for as long or at a lower capacity. 

It makes your home more energy efficient and is a selling point of the property. Similarly, in the winter, properly installed blinds keep the warmth inside the house, again helping you save on your heating bills.

What Type Of Blinds Increase Home Value?

If you think installing the standard plastic or faux wooden blinds that are cheap and just “do the job” will add to the value of your home, you are mistaken. Just like elegant fittings, strong wooden doors, and beautiful tiles add to the value of a home, aesthetically pleasing and well-fitting blinds will do the same. 

However, while installing blinds, there is a balance you need to maintain, as investing too much into the blinds may not help you make a good enough profit when selling the house. 

The basic blinds will not add value to your home. However, installing custom Roman blinds or real wooden blinds will add to the overall appeal of your home and its value. These blinds look luxurious and make the interior look elegant and cozy. Besides the aesthetics, Roman blinds, wooden blinds, and other high-quality window treatments are good insulators. 

Another point of consideration is the fit and finish. Custom jobs are the best as they fit perfectly in the space and perform the best at insulating your home. 

Blinds in Etobicoke come in standard and custom options. Going for a custom fitting will be more expensive, but it will make the window treatment look like a part of the home and not an afterthought. Our professionals ensure the custom installation maximizes aesthetic appeal and insulation.

Can Blinds Diminish The Home Value?

Just like blinds in Etobicoke can increase the value of a house, they also have the potential to bring the value down. Well-maintained and well-fitting blinds will increase the value, while ill-fitting and discoloured blinds will make the interiors look older than they might be. If the blinds are outdated and do not have the right finish, they could potentially lower the value of your home. As mentioned earlier, the standard store-bought plastic blinds will not add to the value of your home. 

If the blinds are losing their colour and showing signs of wear, it gives a poor appearance to the entire home’s interior. A buyer may use it as a bargaining point if not properly installed and the light bleeds through inconsistently.

Additionally, when trying to sell your home, it is a good idea to understand the trends and what buyers want for window treatments. While you may be satisfied with curtains and drapes, window treatments like blinds and shutters may be what home buyers may be looking for.

Do Window Blinds Increase Home Value: Final Thoughts

While the state and style of blinds in your Etobicoke home may not be enough to make or break the sale of the property, they can surely affect its value. The more considerate you are towards the window treatment, the better your interior will look, allowing you to increase the value of your home. So, consider the blinds, shades, or shutters in your home to be able to price it the best.  

For more information about custom blinds and other window treatments, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here.

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