7 ways to keep your newmarket home warm this Winter

7 Ways to Keep Your Newmarket Home Warm This Winter

Posted by  on 24-11-2022
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With the winter setting in, it is only natural for people to turn up their heater to keep warm indoors. However, even if your house is centrally heated, it is important to ensure that cold air does not seep in through the windows. 

As a new homeowner, there are some things you should keep in mind about weather stripping and treating your windows so that you are warm and comfortable in your home during extremely cold winters.

As a modern homeowner, it is extremely vital to treat your windows before winter sets in so that they are long-lasting and require less maintenance. Many homeowners think that a centrally heated home is enough during winters, but if your windows are not treated to keep the cold out, then your heater has to work extra hard to keep the house warm. 

Residents in the Newmarket area can now get a combination of city amenities while also maintaining the small-town charm of the town. Being so close to Toronto, many residents and new homeowners in and around the Newmarket area want access to modern home features and appliances that make life easier. 

With winter almost around the corner, a lot of homeowners are looking to find ways to keep their homes warm while saving energy at the same time. It is important to note that there are multiple options that you can choose from depending on the style, decor, and the theme of your home. 

Window Blinds Direct has a wide array of options that you can choose and customize to build the perfect kind of blinds to go with your home.

Here are seven factors you should consider to keep your new home warm this winter:

1. Inspect the windows often

Before winter sets in, check all your windows closely for any cracks in the glass or in the frames from where cold air can get in. If there are gaps between the frames and the wall, you may want to consider getting them professionally sealed and treated. 

Frames that show signs of cracks can be weatherproofed using heat-shrink plastic sheets that seal any cracks.

2. Consider the proper window treatment

Every house is different and has different window styles that go with the decor of the home. Depending on the kind of home you have, you can consider getting a window treatment that is right for you. 

Depending on how much light you want filtering into your home, blinds, shades, or shutters can be used.

3. Energy efficient windows

For windows that are extremely damaged, it can get more extensive to repair them. The next best option is to just replace them. You can consider getting energy-efficient windows that are double or triple pane and are designed to insulate your home effectively. 

This means that the indoor temperatures remain consistent. Energy-efficient windows save energy, as the heater does not have to overwork itself to maintain the warmth inside.

4. Install insulated curtains

If you do not have energy-efficient windows, you can also install insulated curtains that do a similar job. These curtains are lined with insulated fabrics and are tightly sealed around the frame so that they trap the heat inside the house and prevent cold air from entering. 

You can choose colours that go with your home decor to make these curtains blend well with your interiors. 

5. Get customized window blinds

For a better experience, you can also choose to customize your window blinds according to your family’s needs. At Window Blinds Direct, you can get customized blinds like remote-controlled roll-ups that are cordless or customized shapes according to your window size. 

You can also pick blinds with customized opacity depending on how dark you want it to be after you draw the blinds.

6. Eco-friendly plantation shutters

If you have a rustic-looking home that has some greenery and an environment-friendly theme, you can choose plantation shutters. 

These are typically made of wood and have less gaps in them, thus trapping in more heat and blocking cold air. These are eco-friendly and add a rustic look to your home decor.

7. Roman shades and solar blinds

Unlike plantation shutters, Roman shades are usually made of a thick fabric that can also be solar blinds to block the UV rays. 

The thermal fabric traps heat and creates a soft, warm feeling that is comfortable.

How can you know which window blinds to choose?

You can check your windows to understand if they need weather-proofing or repairs of any sort. 

Window Blinds Direct offers in-home inspection where our team checks your home and recommends the best kind of blinds, curtains, or window treatment suited for you and your home. 

We do the measurements for all your windows to install your blinds perfectly and professionally. 

We also take care of the delivery and installation of the window blinds, and ensure that all the installations are secure and in place. 

Once we have installed the blinds perfectly, we assure you that you will have no reason to worry about staying cozy and warm in your home during the winter months.

For more information on finding the perfect window blinds for your home in Newmarket, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-503-4357 or contact us here.

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