7 benefits of smart window blinds

7 Benefits of Smart Window Blinds

Posted by Michael Schwartz on 14-09-2022

Some sort of window treatment is a must for most homes and businesses. After all, blinds provide privacy, block light, and complement your interior decor. However, the right set of blinds can do so much more.

Smart window blinds (also known as motorised blinds) offer a range of unique features that are a step above regular window treatments. They are an excellent investment capable of improving your daily life, keeping your home safe, and lowering your monthly utility bills.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven essential advantages of smart window blinds.

1. Increased energy efficiency

Installing smart window blinds is a simple and effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Smart blinds provide additional insulation and precise light control.

All motorised blinds act as an extra layer of insulation, preventing air transfer from occurring through your windows. As a result, it’s easier for your HVAC to maintain the preferred temperature. This means less energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Smart blinds also make it easier than ever to control how much light enters your home. This is important because sunlight warms your house significantly. Although this can lower your heating bills in winter, it forces your air conditioner to work harder in summer. 

Thanks to smart technology, your blinds can react automatically to increases in temperature and sunlight. Additionally, you can schedule your blinds to close during the hottest parts of the day and open when it’s cooler. Not only will this create a more pleasant home environment, but it also dramatically increases your potential energy savings.

2. Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of smart home systems is the convenience. Smart window blinds are no exception.

You can control your smart blinds with the touch of a button or using an app on your smartphone. What’s more, you can even control them remotely. You will never again be forced to get up from your comfy spot on the couch during a movie to adjust your blinds! Furthermore, if you forget to close your blinds before leaving for work or a holiday, you can do so remotely using your smartphone.

3. Added security

Creating the illusion that someone is home is key to deterring burglars. Smart window blinds make this easier than ever. Remote control and scheduling mean you don’t have to be home to open or close your blinds. This makes it appear as if you’re still at home and going about your normal routine, even if you’re actually relaxing on a beach somewhere far away.

Normal window treatments add privacy; however, they cannot mimic your routines to give the impression that your home is still occupied.

4. Protects walls and decor from sun damage

Sunlight doesn’t just warm the rooms in your home, it also damages your interior decor. Direct sun exposure causes walls, furniture, and art to discolour and fade. However, smart blinds can mitigate or eliminate this problem.

The light control offered by smart window blinds allows you to shield your valuables from the sun. You can control when light enters your room and how much. Additionally, the automated scheduling feature means you can set it and forget about it. You don’t have to worry about closing the blinds at the brightest part of the day—they’ll do so automatically!

5. Safer for children and pets

Motorised window blinds are cordless, which makes them the safest option for children and pets. As many parents and pet owners will know, the cords that come with many window treatments available today are a proven safety hazard.

Children and pets can become entangled in cords, thus putting them at risk for suffocation, strangling, and other injuries. Opting for a cordless system is an easy way to keep your beloved family members safe. 

6. Improved sleep

Waking up to a bright and sunny day is a joy. However, being awoken hours before your alarm by a beam of early summer sunlight is not. Similarly, falling asleep is much harder in a bright room. The end result is fewer hours of deep, restful sleep, which can leave you feeling tired the next day and negatively impact your long-term health.

It’s been proven time and again that a good night’s sleep is important. Smart window blinds can help make this a reality.

First, you can set your smart blinds to the best schedule for you. This allows you to maximise your nightly hours of shut-eye. They will automatically shut when it’s time for bed, and open when you decide it’s time to wake up. You can even set your blinds to gradually open in the morning, permitting you the luxury of waking up slowly.

Furthermore, some smart blinds offer maximum light-blocking opacity to make your room as dark as it can be. 

7. Smart home integration

Smart technology is designed to integrate with other smart products, creating a network of devices that can interact with one another and be controlled from your smartphone with ease. These home automation systems are the pinnacle of convenience and grant you vast amounts of control. 

Your new smart blinds will integrate into the rest of your smart home system. This allows them to work alongside automated lights, thermostat controls, and other smart home products. This means increased ease of use, better energy efficiency, and improved security.

Choose Window Blinds Direct for Your Smart Window Blinds

As you can see, there are many benefits of opting to include smart window blinds throughout your home. Not only do they offer significant energy savings and added convenience, but motorised blinds also improve security. They’re safer for children and pets than regular blinds, protect your walls and decor from sun damage, and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home automation system.

Ultimately, smart window blinds help you mitigate heat loss, control light, and improve functionality with ease.

If you think smart blinds are right for you, then Window Blinds Direct is ready to help. We offer a wide range of beautiful and functional smart window blinds in Toronto. Plus, our custom window blinds are crafted especially for you and your home.

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