Benefits of roller shades for windows

6 Benefits of Roller Shades for Windows

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There are many types of blinds and window coverings to choose from; roller shades in Toronto offer the best of everything. 

As the name implies, roller shades are a unique window covering, which rolls the blind around a tube mounted over your window. The blind is a single piece of material and can be chosen in a variety of:

  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Fabrics
  • Designs

If you’ve ever used roller shades in Toronto before, you may have chosen a smooth solid blind or an accordion style blind. There are pros and cons to each window covering style. Here, we’ll discuss the top 6 benefits of roller shades. 

1. Sleek Modern Aesthetic

As a leading window covering specialist here in Toronto, Window Blinds Direct receives many comments on the aesthetics of roller shades. This is a popular option for modern decorators and minimalists. 

With no busy slats to draw the eye and a blank canvas to match paint colours, textures, prints, and patterns, roller shades in Toronto are an effective interior decor option. The words we hear to descrube this blind style the most include:

  • Sleek
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Stylish
  • Sophisticated
  • Tasteful

Clean lines and their simplicity make roller shades popular in Toronto homes and businesses. 

2. Extreme Light Control

Roller blinds have the effective advantage of covering your window in one smooth piece of fabric. This leaves few gaps and grooves for light to filter in when your roller shades are closed. 

For homeowners who love a good black-out curtain, roller shades in Toronto are the best product to purchase. These are an especially good addition to bedrooms, where light control is most important. 

Roller shades are a great investment during the summer months when light lasts the longest. If you have fussy little sleepers who don’t like going to bed while the sun is up, roller shades can help you get little ones to bed on time by blocking light from the room. 

Similarly, roller shades alleviate glare and brightness when trying to use electronic equipment like your television or computer. This makes for a great movie night, implementing full darkness as a movie theatre would. 

3. Energy Efficient Design

All window coverings can minimize your electric bills and save on energy waste. However, roller shades in Toronto have a massive advantage here. In covering the whole of your window, roller shades help control temperature in your home or office. 

During the summer, shades keep cool air in and warm air out. In the winter, they do the opposite, ensuring you don’t lose heat through gaps in your window frames while keeping cold air outside. 

Much the way weatherproofing windows maintain air temperatures, roller shades help maximize temperature consistency in your home. This saves you on energy bills over time and is good for the environment by reducing energy waste. 

4. Easy to Clean

One of the most frustrating points of slatted window blinds is the multiple dust-collecting surfaces you have to clean. Roller shades in Toronto offer a simplified approach to window covering maintenance. With a single piece of fabric to wipe clean, you can rest easy, knowing your job will be a simple one. 

Depending on the fabric used in your roller shade, you may be able to wipe it clean with a solution of soap and water. If the blinds are cleaned regularly, a simple duster or wipe with a microfiber cloth may also do the trick. 

Be sure to speak with your blind specialist before attempting a cleaning. Avoid corrosive products, like bleach, when cleaning your roller shades. This could discolour or deteriorate the quality of the blind. 

5. Automatic Features

Roller shades in Toronto truly are a futuristic product. You can completely modernize your home by choosing a motorized roller shade. These blinds allow you to operate them manually or with the push of a button. 

Many new mechanical roller shades can be operated through a smartphone app or voice command if you connect them to an AI product like Google or Alexa. 

Not only does this make your roller shades modern and keep the company impressed, but it also offers increased accessibility. For homeowners with health conditions that keep them from managing tasks with focused motor function involved, automated blinds let you control light and privacy in your home without assistance. 

6. Maximum Privacy

Finally, for roller shades in Toronto, one of the key factors many homeowners consider is privacy. These window shades offer the maximum amount of privacy compared to other types of coverings. Unlike slatted blinds or curtains, there are no open spaces on a roller shade for people to peak inside your living space. 

Whether you want to ensure privacy in a washroom, bedroom, or living room when you’re watching the nightly news, roller shades keep prying eyes out. Many homeowners leave blinds closed at night or while changing and open them during the rest of the day. You can also leave roller shades partially open. 

For businesses, roller shades are particularly helpful as a theft deterrent. Closing your roller shades at night when the shop is shut blocks passers-by from looking in and seeing anything on display. This adds an added layer of protection when working in tandem with a security alarm and lock system. 

Do you live in the greater Toronto area and want more information on roller shades in Toronto? We want to help! Window Blinds Direct is a leading window covering company in Ontario. We work with home and business owners to design the best possible light and energy control system for your space. 

If roller shades are a product you’d like to learn more about, call 647-503-4357 or contact us here.

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