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Once a city with its own history, the village of York now forms part of Toronto’s busy metropolitan centre in close proximity to other boroughs like Old Toronto, North York, and Etobicoke, and bordered by the Humber River. Today, York is best known for the neighbourhoods of Lambton Mills and Weston and numerous urban developments on its historic landscape.

Living in York means living amidst the exciting hustle and bustle of city life — and its cost. So whether you reside in one of its upscale neighbourhoods, or own a single-detached family home, sleek townhouse, or a compact condo unit, your comfort and convenience come down to maximizing real estate and maintaining affordability. This is where energy-efficient and sustainable smart home fixtures like modern window treatments come in.

Window Treatments in York Residents

Every dollar you pay to live here should go towards the smart home experience — proper ventilation, insulation, and security, with minimal maintenance. That’s exactly why more homeowners are installing hard and long-lasting window treatments instead of traditional fabrics.

Unlike sheer curtains in the summer and heavy drapes in the winter, hard treatments like blinds, shutters, and shades provide lasting comfort and reliable function year-round, without constant upkeep and maintenance. Crafted with wood, vinyl, PVC, and thermal fabrics, these maximize your home’s natural insulation and reward you with energy savings. And with smart upgrades like automated controls, you can easily filter just the right amount of natural light indoors, while maintaining privacy — at the touch of a button.

Find Window Treatments in York

At Window Blinds Direct, furnishing your smart home is our mission. We’re a leading provider of modern blinds, shades, and shutters crafted for busy York homeowners looking for a low-maintenance and sustainable solution for light control, privacy, and insulation. The result is a sleek, convenient, and energy-efficient living space.

  • Blinds: meet our upgraded take on this classic — in place of tangled cords and unevenly opening slats in the cheap plastic and metal variety, we offer cordless controls and motorized function for precise light filtering and privacy.
  • Shades: textured fabrics will always be part of classic interior design, but there’s a modern way to enjoy them. Now attached to motorized roller guides for reliable function, you can easily draw the shades open and close for light filtering, privacy, and increased insulation year-round.
  • Shutters: bolted securely to window frames, this semi-permanent installation and classic interior design accent can be swung open and close for full exterior views and total privacy. Or, rotate the louvers for precise light filtering while keeping your home secure.

Exclusive Features

Our designers are constantly reimagining the smart home experience, starting with your home’s access to natural light, privacy, and insulation. What would make your living space more comfortable and convenient? Our answer is upgraded, energy-efficient controls that make it a delight to come home after long days.

  • Motorized controls: out with tangled cords, in with cordless and automated controls that let you lower and raise the blinds or shades for precise lighting and privacy, and program these functions even when you’re not home.
  • Light filtering and blackout: the hustle and bustle of city life can take a toll on you, so you need a living space that recharges and refreshes you after a long day. Our window treatments are crafted with light-blocking technology to keep the sun’s glare away from bedrooms, so you enjoy better, healthier sleep every day.
  • Custom windows: support your bold, trendsetting interior design with functional fixtures. We craft custom window treatments according to the exact dimensions of your windows.

3 Steps to New Window Treatments

  1. In-home assessment: no more walking up and down shopping aisles to find the right product. Our designers visit your home and check each room to recommend the best window treatment based on the elements it’s exposed to, and your lifestyle and budget.
  2. Measurement: our team offers precise, in-home measurement to ensure a safe and secure fit for window treatments.
  3. Delivery and installation: you can count on us to install your new blinds, shutters, or shades in just a couple of weeks, and build your smart home starting with better lighting, privacy, and insulation.

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