Window Blinds in Vaughan

Northwest of Toronto is Vaughan, recently hailed as one of Canada’s best places to live. As the fifth-largest city in Ontario and in the top 20 across the country, it’s no surprise that more retail, commercial, and industrial players are setting up shop in Vaughan. This means a front-row seat to exciting developments, including a redefined downtown and TTC subway stations, while enjoying the lowest tax rates in the GTA.

For the modern homeowner shuffling between busy days at work and a growing family, there’s nothing more refreshing than coming home to a personalized and conveniently furnished living space. This means upgraded fixtures that maximize user-friendly controls, function, and comfort. This is where energy saving, light-filtering, and secure window treatments come in.

Window Treatments for Vaughan Homes

Whether your house is a standard or custom build, its real comfort is in the personal touches like handpicked furniture, decor, and interior design fixtures. For optimal temperature control, security, and insulation, you need quality window treatments.

While the fabric variety is undeniably elegant, curtains and drapes need seasonal changing, washing, and storage. So why not opt for durable, year-round window treatments? Hard coverings like blinds, shades, and shutters offer optimal lighting, privacy, and insulation control as the seasons change. Crafted with quality wood, vinyl, PVC, and thermal fabrics. The added layer of insulation they provide results in generous energy savings. As well, their programmable controls offer seamless operation and long-lasting function.

Window Treatments for Your Home

Window Blinds Direct is a leading provider of modern blinds, shutters, and shades. Carefully crafted using high-quality materials and automated controls, these complete your smart home experience and ensure lasting comfort in a stylishly functional living space.

  • Blinds: forget the cheap plastic and metal variety that came with hopelessly tangled cords and unevenly opening slats. These modern, upgraded blinds are cordless and motorized, ensuring predictable and hassle-free operation at the touch of a button.
  • Shades: enjoy the luxurious texture of bright or neutral fabrics that complete your home’s interior design, now attached to motorized roller guides for seamless operation. Lower and raise the shades as you please to enjoy beautiful light filtering and total privacy.
  • Shutters: bolted to the window frames, these semi-permanent installations are swung open and close so you can switch between a full view of the outdoors and privacy; you can also rotate the louvers for gentle light filtering while keeping views of your home’s interior securely obscured.

Exclusive Features

Our design philosophy is simple — lasting comfort and function. Our designers are constantly working to develop upgrades to window treatments you know and love, ensuring that they support your smart home. Learn about our lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency innovations:

  • Motorized controls: we’ve eliminated tangled cords and unevenly opening slats. Our upgraded blinds and shades are motorized to function seamlessly — and automatically through motorized and programmable controls.
  • Light filtering and blackout: each window treatment we craft comes with effective light-blocking technology, so you can relax and recharge for long days ahead, uninterrupted. Keep the sun’s glare away from your eyes, and before you’re ready to get up.
  • Custom windows: for the stylish and trendsetting homeowner, we pack the same reliable function and motorized controls into custom windows crafted according to the exact dimensions of your windows.

3 Steps to New Window Treatments

  1. In-home assessment: there’s nothing about your lasting comfort that is standard. Instead of walking up and down endless store aisles, our designers come to you and check every room, so we can recommend the perfect blinds or shades based on your lifestyle and budget.
  2. Measurement: nothing beats a precise, in-home estimate to ensure secure fitting window treatments.
  3. Delivery and installation: trust our team to install your new window treatments in just a couple of weeks and live better with refreshing natural light, peace of mind, and long-term energy savings.

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