Window Blinds in Thornhill

Located at the heart of York Region and close to bustling urban centres like Vaughan and Richmond Hill, Thornhill is home to many. Hosting historic and scenic neighbourhoods, it’s perfect for thriving young families, young professionals, and just about anyone who wants to work, live, and play around the GTA. Its proximity to busy Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue also puts residents close to some of the most sought-after retail and natural locations.

Living in a busy metropolitan area like Thornhill means a perfect mix of work and play — and that’s largely dependent on the living space you come home to. You’ll want a house that isn’t just a structure, but rooms that are furnished to protect you from the elements, energy-efficient, secure, and with ample exposure to refreshing natural light. This is why you need the extra protection — and stylish function — of quality window treatments.

Window Treatments for Thorn Hill Residents

Window coverings like curtains and drapes aren’t just stylish; along with the pop of colour and texture they add to a space, they also create an extra barrier between you and the elements. But will sheer curtains and heavy drapes keep you comfortable year-round? These fabric options require a lot of upkeep, but the good news is, there are are more reliable and low maintenance options on the market.

Crafted to precision, modern blinds, shutters, and shades feature quality insulating materials like genuine wood, vinyl, PVC, and thermal fabrics that keep your home warm and reward you with generous energy savings. But more than temperature control, these durable window treatments are built with programmable controls that allow you to filter in beautiful natural light and obscure your home from street view.

Window Treatments for Your Home

At Window Blinds Direct, your comfort is our mission. We help you live as you should — in a smart space with modern controls for energy efficiency, lighting, and privacy, complete with a sleek, contemporary finish.

  • Blinds: get the familiar look and function of this classic, but with upgraded controls that enable reliable operation. Say goodbye to tangled cords and unevenly opening slats, and hello to seamless motorized controls.
  • Shades: enjoy stylishly elegant and luxurious fabrics attached to motorized roller guides for faster and reliable operation, light control, and privacy.
  • Shutters: securely bolted to the window frames, these swing open or close so you can switch between a full view outside or total privacy. Rotate the louvers for the best of both precise lighting and privacy.

Exclusive Features

With growing professional and social needs, your lifestyle needs are always changing. For this, you’ll want to come home to a refreshingly comfortable living space. That’s why our designers are constantly reimagining the technology behind your home’s light control, privacy level, and energy efficiency.

  • Motorized controls: forget tangled cords and unevenly opening slats — and the choking hazards they cause, especially for families with young kids. Our modern blinds and shades are cordless for seamless control and reliable function.
  • Light filtering and blackout: when was the last time you got the rest you need? Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day without the harsh glare of the sun peeking through the windows and interrupting your sleep.
  • Custom windows: our designers support your trendsetting interior design tastes with custom-crafted window treatments that suit windows of any dimension while ensuring the same seamless function.

3 Steps to New Window Treatments

  1. In-home assessment: no more endless shopping up and down aisles hoping that you check out with the right product. Our designers visit your home and check each room to recommend the right blinds, shutters, or shades based on your lifestyle and budget.
  2. Measurement: there’s nothing standard when it comes to your complete comfort. We offer precise in-home measurement to ensure a secure fit.
  3. Delivery and installation: trust our team to install your new window treatments and show you how they’re used. In just a couple of weeks, we can transform your house into a personalized and convenient living space that you deserve.

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