Window Blinds in East Gwillimbury

North of the York Region is the charming and quickly progressing town of East Gwillimbury. A good mix of city and country, this up-and-coming town boasts a balanced community in terms of an urban, residential, and enriching agricultural landscape. With this mix of neighbourhoods, recreational areas, and economic activity, East Gwillimbury is seeing lots of growth potential.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still in the vicinity of the busy GTA, East Gwillimbury is a thriving town with a strong local population. For residents, this means sharing in the growth of the town’s industries, especially in agricultural activity. All of this hard work means there’s nothing you’d rather do than come home to a comfortable and conveniently furnished living space. For this, you’ll need modern, easy to operate, and safe window treatments.

Window Treatments in East Gwillimbury Residents

Curtains and drapes have long been interior design staples, but it’s no secret that they’re hard to maintain — multiple replacements depending on the season, and the lengthy process of washing, drying and storing these heavy fabrics. But you can forget all that now.

Modern blinds, shutters, and shades pack all the aesthetic benefits you want, with hassle-free function. Now designed with automated controls and light-blocking technology, these upgraded window coverings provide precise lighting and privacy control. With their high-quality wood, vinyl, PVC, or thermal fabric construction, these also provide insulation and ensure eco-friendly living. Live better in a secure, well-lit, and energy-efficient home.

Window Treatments for Your Home

At Window Blinds Direct, smart homes are our mission. We start with upgraded window treatments that allow you to gently filter in natural light while maintaining the utmost privacy and peace of mind. With insulating materials and robust construction, you can also earn generous energy savings for years to come.

  • Blinds: this classic comes with a twist — instead of tangled cords and unevenly opening slats, modern blinds can be operated simply by touching a button. Open and close them as you please, and set the mood with controlled lighting and privacy.
  • Shades: these luxurious fabrics are attached to roller guides that allow you to switch between fully open windows, or total privacy and gently filtered light through insulating fabrics.
  • Shutters: with new accents and decor, your home will definitely change throughout the years. But you can count on securely bolted shutters to add a classic, elegant touch that suits changing trends, and provide precise light control and privacy levels through rotating louvers.

Exclusive Features

Our design philosophy is simple — create comfortable living spaces enabled by smart home features. With upgraded window treatments, we can ensure optimal light control, privacy, and energy efficiency using automated controls and insulating technology.

  • Motorized controls: spend less time on errands and worrying about both UV exposure and security with blinds and shades that can be programmed to lower and raise as you please, with the touch of a button.
  • Light filtering and blackout: with effective light-blocking and insulating technology, you can sleep better and recharge for the next day. Don’t let the harsh glare of the sun peek through the windows — and drag you out of bed.
  • Custom windows: we help trendsetting homeowners like you furnish your living space. Our designers craft custom blinds, shades, and shutters that securely fit unconventionally shaped and sized windows.

3 Steps to New Window Treatments

  1. In-home assessment: our designers work with you to craft window treatments that provide the utmost comfort and convenience. Forget about templated measurements — we’ll visit your home to recommend the right blinds, shutters, and shades for every room.
  2. Measurement: we provide expert assistance to ensure precise in-home measurement and securely fitting window treatments.
  3. Delivery and installation: our team will install your new blinds or shades securely, show you how they work, and ensure your long-lasting comfort.

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