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The eastern borough of Toronto has a unique character — rich in diversity and ideal residential areas, Scarborough is a great place to raise a family and unwind in parks and malls, without moving away from city life.

Because of their proximity to the city centre, Scarborough residents are always on-the-go, too busy working during the week and keeping up with the changing demands of living in the city. To maximize real estate, privacy, and energy consumption, Scarborough homes need to be smart, secure, and green. There’s no shortage of ways to do this, but there’s one that provides both style and function: low maintenance, secure, and energy-efficient window treatments.

Window Treatments for Scarborough Homes

Curtains and drapes have been interior design staples for the longest time. Their colour, pattern, and texture tie together the elements of every room, adding a personal touch and style to every room. But it’s no secret that they also require a lot more maintenance than the busy homeowner can manage.

Designed as long-lasting and durable solutions to light filtering, privacy, and even insulation, hard window treatments like blinds, shutters, and shades are quickly replacing heavy fabrics. These require little maintenance and appear classic for years to come, so you won’t have to keep replacing them. Switch between the full view outside your window or relax in privacy using automated controls that enable seamless function.

Window Treatments Coming to Your Home

Blinds, shutters, and shades can be found anywhere in Scarborough, but a leading provider offers much more than the basics. At Window Blinds Direct, our designers are constantly reimagining your living experience with window treatments that can be opened and closed at precise angles for natural light, privacy, and energy savings.

  • Blinds: with a modern upgrade, you won’t end up with tangled cords and unevenly opening slats. Our cordless blinds are built with motorized controls for opening and closing, so you can get the sunlight and privacy you need — and without choking hazards for young families:
  • Shades: the textured, elegant feel of the fabric you love, now built into motorized roller guides for lowering and raising. Stream generous amounts of natural light indoors through light filtering fabric, and enjoy the privacy and warmth thanks to added insulation.
  • Shutters: bolted to your doors, these permanent installations add style, privacy, and beautiful natural light to your living space, thanks to precisely rotating louvers and their insulating construction.

Our Exclusive Features

At Window Blinds Direct, a comfortable and convenient living space is our mission. That’s why we craft blinds, shades, and shutters that aren’t your typical window treatments. Designed for the modern homeowner living in smart homes, these are designed with automated controls to enable rest and relaxation where it matters most:

  • Motorized controls: our cordless designs are powered by state-of-the-art motorized controls that can be programmed to set blinds and shades to lower and raise throughout the day, allowing you to regulate the amount of sunlight streaming indoors, as well as the privacy level for security and peace of mind.
  • Light filtering and blackout: get a good night’s rest, every night. Sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready to take on a new day, thanks to these insulating and light-blocking fabrics that shield you from the harsh glare of the sun.
  • Custom windows: we reward your unique preferences and one-of-a-kind interior design choices with custom window treatments crafted according to the unconventional dimensions of your windows, ready in a couple of weeks.

3 Steps to New and Improved Window Treatments

  1. In-home assessment: new blinds, shutters, and shades are an investment in your long-term comfort. That’s why our designers visit your home and carefully inspect each room to recommend the right window treatments based on the environment, as well as your lifestyle and budget.
  2. Measurement: with precise in-home measurement, we can guarantee a secure and stable fit for your blinds and shades.
  3. Delivery and installation: trust our window treatment experts to install your new blinds and shutters securely in just a couple of weeks, and enjoy long-lasting, seamless function and increased comfort for years to come.

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