Fire retardant window shades and blinds

Top 5 Types of Fire Retardant Window Shades and Blinds

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Fires are some of the worst hazards and devastating tragedies that affect many homeowners and families each year in Ajax. Without proper safety precautions, everything you’ve worked hard for can go up in flames and turn to ashes. From your home’s structure to valuables and loved ones, fires are an unimaginable — but highly preventable — tragedy.

These days, a growing number of homeowners in Ajax are investing in fireproofing their homes — and there are lots of ways to do it. Essentially, fireproofing helps keep your valuables and your home’s interiors largely intact in case of a devastating fire. Fireproofing starts at the beginning of owning your home and building your living space: choosing the right materials for your home’s structure, interior design, and other elements.

Windows and Window Treatments Can be Fireproofed

But did you know that there’s a lot more to fireproofing than choosing the right materials at the construction stage? There are other ways to fireproof your home, even after you’ve moved in. One of the quickest, simplest fireproofing upgrades involves windows and window treatments.

Not a lot of homeowners know that the windows and window treatments can be fireproofed too. When shopping for window blinds and shades, it’s common only to consider light control, privacy, and insulation capabilities, along with style and design. But did you know that the right window blinds can help save your home from a devastating fire?

Unlike highly flammable fabrics in typical curtains and shades, fire-retardant window blinds offer a much safer and stylish alternative. Now, you can eliminate the risk of highly volatile window treatments from catching fire, with flames quickly spreading across the walls and breaking windows.

The Difference between Fire-Retardant Window Blinds and Shades

Keep in mind, though, that not all window blinds and shades were crafted the same. While the typical blinds and shades offer excellent light and privacy control and insulation, it takes fire-retardant window treatments to withstand the damage of fires and prevent them from spreading quickly to various parts of your home. 

Fire-retardant blinds and shades are crafted with fabrics or other materials treated with a chemical flame retardant. The best part is that you can customize most blinds and shades with fireproofing treatment and combine them with additional features like style, colour, pattern, light-blocking level, thermal control, and more.

Types of Fire-Retardant Window Shades and Blinds

Looking for fire-retardant window blinds and shades in Ajax? Browse our list of the best and safest window treatments, learn how they can help eliminate fire hazards, especially in areas like the kitchen. Get all the features you know and count on in typical blinds and shades, with fire safety capabilities:

1. Custom roller shades

A popular choice for window treatments, roller shades offer the best affordability and function, with available customization for fireproofing. Custom roller shades can be designed with fire-retardant fabrics or screens, making them the perfect choice for areas at high risk of fire hazards, such as kitchens and lounges with lots of volatile components.

2. Fabric roller shades

Unlike most roller shades typically made of woven polyester or mixed with cellulose and polypropylene, fire-retardant fabric roller shades are treated for maximum fireproofing. Now, you can choose from various styles, colours, and patterns that enhance your home’s interior design while promoting fire safety and peace of mind.

3. Vertical window blinds

Perfect for large windows with scenic outdoor views and lots of natural light flowing indoors, vertical window blinds are now fire-retardant too. Combining the classic light control and privacy functionality of blinds and fireproofing, vertical window blinds make an excellent, high-quality choice for warm, bright, and fire-safe interiors.

Plus, did you know that vertical window blinds come in different materials and styles? The slats can be crafted with PVC, plastic, or even fabric and treated with a flame retardant chemical to become fireproof. Make sure to add this custom feature for guaranteed fire safety.

4. Aluminum Venetian blinds

The strongest upgrade to classic blinds yet, aluminum Venetian blinds are designed for ease of installation and use and fireproofing capabilities. These ultra-sturdy blinds are ideal for homes and a variety of high-traffic settings with a lot of fire hazards, such as restaurants, schools, and commercial buildings. 

Crafted with the classic design of slats stacked on top of one another, these blinds are upgraded with aluminum for maximum durability, fireproofing and safety. Plus, with different slat sizes available and dust- and stain-resistant construction, these blinds are highly versatile, functional, and long-lasting.

5. Curtains

Under normal circumstances, curtains are the least fire-retardant window treatments. While they come in various colours, sizes, and patterns that add texture and decorative elements to your living space, they’re not as functional as blinds and shades. Plus, most curtain fabrics are highly flammable and are often the culprit of flames spreading quickly and uncontrollably across the walls, especially when a grease fire breaks out in the kitchen.

Luckily, fire-retardant curtains are now also in the market. These are made with fabrics treated with wrinkle-free and flame retardant chemicals to become fire-resistant and help reduce fire hazards in your home.

Custom Fire-Retardant Blinds and Shades

Making window treatments fire-retardant starts with the materials these are crafted with. Remember that these are treated with flame retardant chemicals to become fireproof, so you can always customize your blinds or shades for fire safety and utmost peace of mind. With this custom option, you can still get the perfect window treatments to match your home’s aesthetic and accentuate decor, and rest assured they’re just as stylish as they are safe and fire-retardant.

To learn more about fire-retardant window blinds and shades and order your custom fireproof upgrade in Ajax, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-503-4357 or contact us here.

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