Tips to clean your window Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

The Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Your Window Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

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Windows treatments, including blinds, shades, and shutters, can really add to the look of your home overall. They are a great investment to the look, feel, and comfort level of your home. While most window treatments are convenient and easy to maintain, there are definitely certain rules to follow to ensure that you are maximizing the longevity of your window treatments with proper care and cleaning.
Regardless of the type of window treatments you have (zebra shades, plantation shutters, cellular blinds, etc.), our comprehensive guide can give you the basics that you need to get started with cleaning them! Your window treatments will be sparkling clean, dust-free, looking great from the moment you install them, and many years later.

Simply Dust

Regardless of the type of blinds you have, dusting should be a staple of your cleaning routine. For some types of window treatments, dusting may be a sufficient cleaning method on its own. Dust from top to bottom while your blinds or shades are in an open position so that the dust falls to the ground as you go.

Use a Vacuum

After dusting, or to get into tighter spaces to clean, you may use a vacuum or brush attachment to suck up all the dirt and dust that has fallen off of your window treatments. Keep your vacuum on low power so you don’t damage the materials of your blinds and shades, especially if they are made up of delicate fabrics or genuine wood.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

If you choose to do some deep cleaning on your shades, blinds, or shutters, then you may want to think twice about which products you use and if they are suited to your window treatments. Usually, mild soap or detergent with some lukewarm water is enough to do the trick. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe down your blinds, and be careful not to soak them or get them too wet. A deep cleaning needs only to be done if your window treatments have gotten stained or are particularly soiled from dirt and grime. Deep cleaning does not need to be done as regularly as dusting either. Sometimes, it’s just sufficient to spot clean and treat soiled areas of your window treatments instead of cleaning them entirely.

The Tub Method

If you decide that your window shades or blinds need more than a little love, then you can take them to the tub to be fully immersed in water. Ensure that your blinds are durable enough for this type of treatment. You can usually do this with vinyl or PVC. Simply take down your blinds and submerge them into your bathtub filled with water and mild soap. After soaking for an hour or two, rinse them off with water and let them dry thoroughly. Your blinds or shades will be looking good as new!

Cleaning Wood

As previously mentioned, genuine wood window treatments can be difficult to clean and may require special care. You will want to use some furniture polish to clean, and ensure they don’t get too wet. Wood blinds can become easily discoloured, tarnished, or warped when exposed to water, heat, and humidity. Don’t let water linger on your wood blinds, and always remember to wipe them completely dry after cleaning. Also, never spray liquid directly onto the blinds or shades. Always spray onto the cloth or rag first.

Cleaning Faux Wood

With faux wood, there is a bit more flexibility with cleaning. Most faux blinds are made out of vinyl or PVC. You can clean these blinds or shades by dusting, vacuuming with an attachment, and wiping them down thoroughly with some detergent and water. Vinegar and water is a very effective cleaner for these types of window treatments if you prefer to go with an all-natural solution of ingredients already at home.

Cleaning Fabric

Fabric blinds or shades in your home can help create a cosy environment. However, if you get them too dirty, they may need to be professionally cleaned, as it is not advisable to get them too wet. Cleaning by gently vacuuming or using a blow dryer to blow away dust is usually the best course of action for these types of window treatments.

Cleaning and maintaining your beautiful shades and blinds doesn’t have to be a long, difficult chore. Just remember to fit in a little cleaning or simple dusting here and there as part of your regular cleaning routine. Don’t let your window treatments go too long without some attention.

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