The best window treatments for arch windows

The Best Window Treatments for Arch Windows

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Every home is defined by the kind of windows it has and the style of architecture it features. While rectangular windows are the most common, many homes may also have different window styles and shapes, such as arched windows. 

While arch windows add elegance and grandeur to modern homes, It can, however, be difficult to find the right window treatments for these types of windows

Homes with arch windows look great and can be designed in several interesting ways using the right kind of drapes and window treatments. 

Arch window drapes can be customized to suit your home decor and match your style. Gone are the days when blinds looked mechanical and made the entire home look clunky and bare. 

Window Blinds Direct designs and installs window treatments that are elegant yet functional for the modern home. In this article, we’ll examine five options you can consider to find the right window treatment for your arch windows.

First, though, let’s have a quick look at a few different coverings for your arch windows:


Drapes are an elegant design option for an arched-shaped window, especially in large rooms with high ceilings. The drapery rod can be hung above the highest point of the arch, with the drapes cascading from the window softly. 

You can also elevate the style by layering window treatments like a double-draped look to add a design element to your room.


A simple and durable solution for most arched windows are shutters. These are commonly found in colonial-style coastal homes. Shutters are so easily customizable that they come in various materials like vinyl, natural hardwood, and faux wood. Shutters can be made to replicate the arches of the window for an elongated effect, or they can run horizontally while leaving the top arch bare to let the light in.


Window shadings are meant to diffuse the extra light entering the home. However, in many window treatments for arches, it is difficult to get shadings as the arch area needs to be permanently fixed during installation. 

Shadings can be adjusted for the rest of the window, but the arch is mostly fixed. This can get tricky for homes that have less light, as much of the natural light may get permanently blocked.

1. Choose your opacity

Depending on how much you want to filter extra light out, you can choose from drapes that allow light at different degrees. Window drapes come with the option of semi-opaque to total blackout drapery, depending on the homeowner and the amount of sunlight the home gets.

When it comes to arch windows, it is important to note that you may have to customize the drapes according to the arch and height of your window. 

Window Blinds Direct provides customized window treatments that are specially designed to blend in with your home design.

2. Decide on the drape design

When it comes to arch windows, many homeowners sometimes just get standard drapes and leave the arch open to allow some light into the home. 

The dome-shaped area (or the arch) can also be fixed with an additional drape separate from the rest of the drapes. If you choose to install curtains, you can select heavy fabrics to have a waterfall-like effect on it.

3. Consider shutters as window treatments

Shutters made of wood or vinyl are great options for arch windows, as they are fixed on the frame and have panels that can be adjusted to let in a certain amount of light. 

If you don’t like curtains and drapes and find them to be too time-consuming to maintain, then installing arched shutters to match your windows may be the best bet for you.

4. Full-length drapes

A more modern take on the arch window style, installing full-length drapes that cover the entire window from floor to ceiling is a great way to add some texture to the wall while getting curtains that soften the look of the arches. 

This does not require too much installation time because they are measured as one straight line and cover the entire window as a whole.

5. Semi-curved curtain rods

If your home is designed with a very colonial and rustic look, you can consider getting curved curtain rods that go along with the arch of the window as a great way to add some style to your interiors. 

The curtains that hang on the curved rod are placed on each side of the window for a draped look when drawn. If your home is large and spacious, this style can make it look extremely classy and elegant.

Customize Your Arch Window Treatments

Once you have chosen the best window treatment for your home, Window Blinds Direct can customize your window treatment to suit your needs. You can pick from motorized blinds that are cordless and have automated controls. 

We also have Venetian blinds that come in faux wood, vinyl, or reinforced plastic, depending on your budget, style, and decor.

In addition to the kind of window treatment you choose, you can pick them to be a certain colour to match your interiors. 

A great window treatment lasts years and can make your home look cozy, chic, and elegant at the same time. It is designed with weather conditions in mind and protects your home from the extreme cold. 

Our window treatments are extremely durable, and we offer customized, reliable, and budget-friendly options that are functional and user-friendly.

Our designers and window treatment experts at Window Blinds Direct work together to curate high-quality blinds and window treatments that are long-lasting and match your style and comfort.

If you are looking for custom window blinds that suit your home in Toronto, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-503-4357 or contact us here

You can also get your windows inspected for a professional and customized treatment.

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