Window treatments for rental properties

The 8 Best Window Treatments for Rental Properties

Posted by Michael Schwartz on 25-10-2021

Many of us think of rental homes as starter homes: a rite of passage for anyone moving out and living on their own in King City for the first time, up until they’re able to put down real roots and get the keys to their own home. And because they don’t own the property, many people aren’t inclined to decorate, even with simple additions like window treatments.

But is it time we start decorating and investing in rental properties? After all, in many ways, it is your place, the one you come home to and live in for at least a few years. You deserve to feel rested, safe, and comfortable in it.

You might not know it yet, but the right window treatments can make all the difference in making you feel right at home. Popular, low-maintenance and all-season window treatments like blinds offer benefits like privacy, light-filtering, and a quick, simple way to decorate and personalize your living space. Get these benefits and more with blinds and other window treatments specially crafted and curated for the modern renter:

Best Window Treatments for Your Rental Property

Ready to revamp and own your rental? Browse the best, easy to install and low-maintenance window treatments for your rented house or apartment:

1. Venetian blinds

One of the most popular, time-honoured window treatments, now upgraded with larger horizontal slats connected by a rope cord or fabric. Simply give the cable a tug to bundle the slats and raise them vertically when you want more light in.

2. Mini and micro blinds

A true classic, mini and micro blinds are affordable and easy to install, clean and maintain. Typically made with aluminum or PVC, these blinds are durable and resistant to stains, dust, scratches, and even hazards like fire. Like most blinds, just pull the cords or handles to rotate open and close for your desired amount of light and visibility, or raise and lower completely as needed.

3. Vertical panel track blinds

For sleek interiors, try vertical blinds. Designed to accentuate long or large windows, vertical panel blinds rotate open and close and move to the side for your desired light filtering and privacy. Choose from fabric, wood, or vinyl slats that best complement your home’s interiors.

4. Faux wood blinds

Revel in the warm, earthy tones of wood with enhanced durability and versatility. Faux wood blinds look like real wood but offer a more affordable, dust- and moisture-resistant alternative, so you’ll never have to worry about warping or cracks throughout the seasons in King City.

5. Cellular shades

Known as the insulation shades, cellular shades are made of two layers folded together with openings in between, forming a honeycomb pattern. This helps regulate your home’s interior temperature and save on energy bills year-round for greener, eco-friendly living. Choose from a wide range of insulating fabrics, and get the best of a soft glow, utmost privacy, and cozy comfort.

6. Roman shades

Want the look and feel of curtains combined with the easy operation and maximum control of blinds? Meet the roman shades. Choose from various fabrics, including UV-filtering options that are easy to raise or lower, fold into themselves to usher in just the right amount of light, and maintain privacy. Designed with an accordion mechanism enabled by a pulley system, simply pull the cord to raise or lower the shades to your desired position, all without knotting.

7. Roller shades

Not one for folding shades? Roller shades can be quickly pulled up or down using a special mechanism that stretches across windows to your desired position. Browse thermal options for added insulation and various designs to suit your style.

8. Curtains and drapes

Still, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Curtains and drapes are the easiest to install and use, although you may need to change them regularly along with the seasons, especially as dust, pollen, and debris accumulate. Plus, did you know that drapery can also be combined with other window treatments like blinds? Get the best of interior design and functional light, insulation, and privacy control.

It’s Your Home Too: Why You Need Window Treatments in Your Rental Home

These days, rent isn’t cheap. And with many other expenses — including the pressure to save up for your place — things like window treatments might not be high up on your budget. But did you know that window treatments like blinds offer a lot more than style and decor? Consider these benefits of investing in window treatments, even when you’re renting:

  • Light control: Filter just the right amount of light in. Eliminate glare on screens, avoid disrupting your last few minutes of sleep in the morning, and revel in the soft glow and colours of the sunset dancing on the walls.
  • Privacy: Keep your home hidden from view on the street and away from prying eyes. Add a layer of protection by obscuring your home’s floor plan, valuables, and people inside, especially in private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Reduce noise: Eliminate loud noises and disturbances, especially when you live in the busy parts of King City. Get better sleep and feel calm and peaceful with window treatments that help filter out and reduce noise making its way inside your home.

  • Insulation: Add a layer of warmth during the colder seasons, and keep cool air in for longer in the warmer months with insulating blinds that help moderate your home’s interior temperature and for energy-efficient, cost-saving heating and cooling.
  • Aesthetics: Even if decorating isn’t your top priority, installing window treatments is a quick, simple way to make yourself at home and feel relaxed and comfortable in your personal space.

To learn more about affordable and durable window blinds perfect for renters and shop yours for your rental home in King City, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-503-4357, or contact us here.