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5 Common Myths About Motorized Blinds

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Window blinds are a staple in pretty much every home in Toronto, whether to control how much sunlight comes into your home or ensure privacy. They range from the basic cord-operated models to high-end motorized blinds and everything in between, giving homeowners many choices.

Traditional, basic blinds can be a hassle and even a danger for children and pets, so more and more homeowners are considering motorized blinds a safer and more convenient alternative. Unfortunately, several myths and misconceptions circulating around motorized blinds make them hesitate to buy or downright dismiss them.

Let’s look at a few of these myths about motorized blinds and why they are just that: myths.

Myth #1: They are expensive

The most common misconception about motorized blinds is that they’re expensive. When they were first introduced into the market, they indeed came with a hefty price tag, and you could generally only find them in luxury homes. However, in the years and decades since, this technology has become far more affordable. 

Granted, when strictly comparing the cost of traditional manual and motorized blinds, there still is a considerable gap, but it has been continuously narrowing. Manufacturing processes have become more economical, and increased market competition has brought prices down to the consumer’s advantage.

Common Myths About Motorized Blinds

Myth #2: They are noisy

Some homeowners are worried that the motors of motorized blinds are loud and disruptive, but while they produce some sound, it is just a faint hum that is barely noticeable. 

Advanced technology has perfected the whisper-quiet operation to a point where even if you activate several of them at the same time, they will barely make any sound.

Myth #3: They are hard to operate and maintain

Contrary to popular belief, motorized blinds are actually easier to operate and maintain than traditional manual ones. We all have struggled with the cords before, when they either get tangled up or you can’t find the right angle to activate the stopper.

Motorized blinds eliminate this hassle because the motor can raise and lower them evenly. This smoother operation also causes less wear and tear on them, making them last longer.

Depending on the model, you can use a remote or a wall-mounted keypad or even integrate them into your home automation.

Myth #4: They don’t provide many benefits

Many people believe that the only benefit motorized blinds have to offer is that you don’t have to pull the cords to open and close them. But there’s more to them than you may first think. Sure, they are very convenient because you do not have to struggle, but motorization can be a huge advantage if you have windows that are difficult to reach or very high.

Some models have programmable features that allow you to schedule the raising or lowering of the blinds, either by time of day to minimize the amount of sunlight coming in and improve climate control, or if you’re not at home, you can give the impression that somebody is at home, deterring potential intruders.

They’re also an excellent option for people with mobility issues, allowing them to operate the blinds without needing help or getting themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Common Myths About Motorized Blinds

Myth #5: They are limited in styles

Where in the past, there was only a very limited number of blind styles that came with motorization options; this has changed dramatically. These days, pretty much any type of window shade can be motorized, giving you access to a full range of blinds, wooden or vinyl, horizontal or Venetian. The same goes for motorized shades, so you can enjoy cellular and honeycomb shades or get total privacy with motorized roller shades.

No more worries about tangled cords and uneven slats and no more safety risks for your children or pets.

Add Motorized Blinds to Your Home

Motorized blinds have become much more accessible and affordable, and many common misconceptions may have been true in the past but no longer. Now, you can enjoy the functionality and safety of your traditional window treatments with the convenience of motors.

At Window Blinds Direct, we’re continually innovating our window treatments and lifestyle essentials you know and trust. This allows us to deliver modern solutions that can grow and adapt to your changing needs and keep up to date with the latest designs.

That’s why we work to make motorized shades available for virtually any type of window treatment so you can enjoy the same benefits—just with amplified convenience, safety, and efficiency. Best of all, our window treatments are modular, so you can easily select the covering you want and opt for custom add-ons, like motorized controls.

Windows Blind Direct proudly offers 100% Canadian blinds and shades. With our long-standing business experience and expertise, we can match homeowners with the perfect blinds, whether they’re looking for something traditional or something a bit more exciting.

Contact us today at 647-503-4357 or fill out our convenient online form for a free consultation with one of our expert designers. Let us help you find the perfect blind for your home!

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