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How Window Treatments Can Keep Your Energy Bill Low

Posted by  on 24-02-2020
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From turning off lights and installing a “smart” thermostat to making sure your windows and doors are well sealed, most homeowners know that there are a number of things they can do to keep their energy bills low and their environmental footprint to a minimum.

What they might not know is that they can further reduce their energy bill not just through their choice of windows, but through their choice of window treatments.

As the U.S. Department of Energy has pointed out, the amount of solar heat gain in a home can reduce by as much as 33% by making a choice as seemingly inconsequential as using medium-coloured drapes (as opposed to a lighter colour) backed with white plastic. And when your window treatment prevents heat gain, it means that you won’t have to run your air conditioner quite as strongly to keep your home cool. Different types of window treatments provide different advantages, so let’s explore a few different options for reducing both your energy bill and environmental footprint.


Often, the simplest solutions prove to be the best, and that’s certainly true when it comes to window treatments that reduce your energy bill.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to save energy with your choice of window treatment is to use shades, but there is one big caveat here: in order to be effective, your shades have to be installed properly.

The key is to mount your shades as close to both the window glass and adjacent wall as possible. This creates a tight seal that will minimize the amount of light—and therefore the amount of heat—that can seep through the window treatment.

To make your shades even more effective and energy-efficient, opt for shades that have a dual layer of fabric. One popular choice is to select dual-layer shades that have a light colour on one side and a dark colour on the other. That way, you can easily flip or reverse the shades depending on the season—giving you design options and flexibility—while still enjoying the energy-saving benefits of dual-layer shades.

Plus, flipping the shades actually has energy-saving benefits too. In the summer, displaying the lighter colour will both brighten your room and reflect heat, while in the winter, the dark colour will absorb the heat generated by your house, keeping it from seeping out.

Shades are also one of the most flexible types of window treatments, in that they can be installed pretty much anywhere in the house.


Another great option for keeping costs low and reducing your energy bill is to install blinds.

Blinds can be installed on both the interior and exterior, and both types help reduce your energy bill by keeping sunlight out and limiting solar heat gain. In addition, blinds provide you with a degree of flexibility by allowing you to easily maintain the right amount of light in a given room while providing both privacy from your neighbours and ventilation.

One of the best options for saving energy is to go with reflective blinds, which come in white (or near-white) and can reduce the amount of heat gain in your home by up to 45% when fully closed.

We recommend installing blinds in windows that face south or west to reduce the sun’s late-day glare.


While they tend to cost more than shades or blinds, shutters are another great way to use your window treatment to reduce your energy bill.

Shutters are more effective than both blinds and shades when it comes to reducing heat, and can be installed on either the outside or inside of your home to give the window a unique look, and offer protection against the sun.

In addition to reducing the most heat, shutters also provide the most privacy. Roller shutters tend to provide both the best insulation and the best protection from storms, which makes them a good option for protecting your home from both summer and winter environmental damage.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of which style or option you choose, using your window coverings as a means of reducing your energy bill is a cost-effective way to keep your monthly carrying costs down. It also provides your home with a stylish upgrade that will make it feel more liveable.

At Window Blinds Direct, we specialize in helping you narrow down your options and choose the best window treatments to fit your space, tastes, and budget.

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