How to pick window covering for home?

How to Pick the Right Type of Window Covering for Your Home

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Between blinds, shades, and curtains, there are so many options to choose from that it can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed when selecting the perfect window covering design.

Every room in the house has different needs. Depending on the size of the room and the overall theme, you will need a different style of window covering to bring out the most from the room.

There are a few very important factors you should take into consideration when selecting a window covering, and the first is your desired lighting.

Decide How Much Natural Light You Want

Before you buy a window covering, you need first to decide how much natural light you would like in the room. Remember that natural lighting gives the room a much more spacious appearance, and it can help improve your mood when you’re in that room.

A room that is well-lit with large windows and natural light not only makes your space look bigger — which can help with reducing stress — but it also helps save your electricity bill. This is because the more natural lighting you have, the less artificial lighting you need.

To enhance the natural lighting of the room, shades are always a good option, especially when you’re not too concerned about privacy. Shades take up very little space, and they can be pulled up entirely, so they are almost invisible and give the room a very open look. Blinds and curtains can also help enhance natural light, but that’s only when they are in light colours.

Darker colours and heavy material should be avoided when you are looking to enhance the natural lighting of a room. Curtains can come in a wide range of materials and anything from linen to silk can be found when shopping for curtains. You should decide the look you are going for beforehand and purchase the curtain with the correct material accordingly.

If you decide to choose blinds, there is the choice of both wooden blinds and insulating blinds. Insulating blinds help absorb heat and sunlight, while wooden blinds are generally sturdier. If the room you are adding the coverings to often gets too much sunlight and heats up, or loses too much heat in the winter, insulating blinds are an excellent idea to help maintain the room temperature.

Decide How Much Privacy You Want

Privacy is another important factor to take into consideration when selecting window coverings for your home. You most likely want as much privacy as possible in your bedrooms, but may not have such high standards for your kitchen and living spaces.

For maximum privacy, blinds, shades, and curtains can all give you your desired result. However, you should focus on the fabric and material of the window covering. Naturally, thicker and heavier materials will prove to be more protective.

Curtains may not be such a good choice for individuals who are looking for maximum privacy. When they are closed, they do a good job of covering the windows properly. Still, the moment you open them to get some light into the room, you will lose almost all your privacy immediately, solid shades also have a similar effect.

Blinds, on the other hand, can balance both allowing natural light into the room while keeping you covered at the same time. If you like the look of curtains, then you always have the option of putting up blinds first and then putting curtains in front. That way, you can pull back the curtains and have them work to enhance the decor of the room while enjoying your privacy at the same time.

Decide Your Budget

Once you know how much natural lighting you want and what your ideal amount of privacy is, you should decide on your budget. Knowing exactly how much you can spend is vital because it will make it easier for you to decide between the materials, colours, and sizes available in your price range.

When selecting the perfect window covering for your home, you should decide how much natural lighting you want, how much privacy you expect to gain from the covering, and what your exact budget is.

It’s important to note that after finally deciding what style you’re going with, you should make sure to get the cordless versions if you have children at home, as the cords can pose as a choking hazard for them.

Get the Measurements Right

A factor that can often be overlooked when buying new window coverings is taking the right measurements. You should make sure you measure the windows properly for your shades and blinds.

Your measurements should be taken either inside the window frame or from one end of the frame to the other, depending on whether you want your covers to hang within or you want them to cover the frame.

Smaller windows generally look better when the covering does not show the frame, and larger windows generally give a better look when the covering fits within the frame. When taking measurements for your curtains, make sure you take account of the length, as it is always smarter to have the curtain extend from very near the ceiling, all the way to the floor. This gives the room a heightened look and can add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Every room has its unique style and depending on the way you have set it up, there will be a different window covering that can best enhance the room and to add to your décor. If you are trying to set up a very modern room, shades are always a great option. You can also go with blinds and curtains, but make sure the curtains are solid, or they have a modern print on them.

For rooms that have a more casual look, curtains are always a great option. The right window covering can complete a room and give it the additional pop it needs to make it look like it came straight out of a magazine.

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