How to decorate your windows for christmas

How to Decorate Your Windows for Christmas

Posted by  on 16-12-2022
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Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is getting ready for the holiday season. Homes will soon have the heavenly smell of cookies and cakes, and everyone will look forward to enjoying a white Christmas with their friends and family. 

Once December begins, everyone often rushes to get all the decorations with just the right kind of aesthetics and style to suit their interiors.

When it comes to window decorations for Christmas, it adds a good look to your home aesthetic for you and for passersby as well. You can add minimalist or rustic decor that adds depth and warmth to your interior and makes your home feel cozy and welcoming during Christmas.

In this article, we’ll look at ways you can decorate your windows for Christmas, and make them look fancy even on a budget. First, let’s examine some basic factors such as home theme and style.

Understand Your Theme and Style

Before you begin installing your decorations, it is important to understand what kind of theme and aesthetic you are going for. If your home is modern with minimalistic decor, you can opt for a two-themed decor that is not too flashy.

If you have a rustic, warm, and cozy look, however, you can try out some eco-friendly-themed decor items like a lush seasonal wreath.

Decide on Your Budget

It is vital to stay moderate and spend less on just decorations. You should find a balance between different types of decor items like wreaths, candles, and garlands. Fortunately, there are plenty of options like eco-friendly, theme-based, organic, or handmade options that you can choose from.

Create a Mood Board

Who doesn’t love a good-looking mood board filled with all the design and styling options for your home? 

You can experiment with different styles by mixing and matching various aesthetics and styles. For example, add a pop of red and a dash of green to an all-white interior, or add heavy green wreaths to a chestnut-coloured door to bring out its style.

Decorating Your Windows for Christmas

Next, let’s dive into some Christmas window decorations that you can experiment with this year!

The Classic Tree by the Window

You can’t go wrong with the all-time classic Christmas tree by the window. Get a lush green tree and load it with two-tone decorations like red and silver for the colours to pop and stand out. 

You can also add a dash of sparkle and glitter to the tree so that it shines for everyone passing by your home.

Sparkling Wreath of Glitter

If your home has a lot of muted colours like whites and greys, you can play with glitter wreaths that add shine and sparkle without breaking the colour code of your home. Hang the decorations centrally by the window between the curtains to add a layered look to it.

Threaded Christmas Cards

If you are looking to add something personalized and creative that is different from the usual decorations, you can bring out all the Christmas cards that you have saved up for years and thread them on a ribbon. 

This threaded card display can be hung across the window, and looks extremely fun and creative at the same time.

Play With Your Roller Blinds

If you have roller blinds on your windows, you can simply add stencilled Christmas-themed decor for it to stand out. Line the windows with fairy lights so that it adds that extra glow to your interiors without looking too harsh.

Add Fake Snow

If you are not a fan of large, over-the-top decorations in your house, you can add some fake snow to your window sills and place some hand-made snowmen on them for a cute look and feel. 

Frost up the windows using cotton wool to mimic flurries, and place miniature Christmas trees alongside for a finished look.

Wreath Chandelier for Windows

Wreath chandeliers are two or three chandeliers threaded together for a waterfall or chandelier look. It is easy to attach two or three types of chandeliers together and install them at the center of your windows and doors to add a Christmas look and feel. Experiment with different sizes and layer them in ascending order for a pyramid look.

Spruce up Your Windows With Mini-Stencils

If you don’t have the time to go overboard and install a lot of decorations, you can simply stick mini-stencilled Christmas-themed designs on your window glass in a scattered manner. Add a large stencilled snowman, and surround it with small snowflakes for a cute looking window that will catch everyone’s eye.

Place Candles on Your Sill

Windows that have a broad sill allow you to experiment with a multitude of designs and decorations. Use the inside of your window sill as a base, and place a group of chunky white candles tied together with a broad red ribbon for a Christmas feel. This idea is extremely affordable and can be created in minutes.

Contact the Professionals at Window Blinds Direct

When it comes to designing your windows for Christmas, it is essential to first ensure that you have done seasonal window treatments during the cold months. Having your windows treated efficiently is key to keeping your home warm and cozy in winter. 

It is important to look at the different treatment options for different homes and lifestyles. When choosing a window treatment, you should consider finalizing a style, budget, and the kind of treatment that lasts you in the long run. 

At Window Blinds Direct, we have a huge array of window treatment options for you to choose from. Our team of experts are professionally trained to install leak-proof window treatments that are sturdy and long-lasting.

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