How to Choose Window Coverings to Keep Your Pet Happy

How to Choose Window Coverings to Keep Your Pet Happy

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Pets are a part of the family. However, they can be the part of the family that ruins your window coverings. Scratches, pet fur, and playtime can all wreak havoc on your blinds or curtains.

With so much at stake, it’s important to choose your window coverings wisely. After all, they need to keep both you and your pet happy for many years to come.

Easy to Clean

Having pets means lots of pet fur and dander. Your window coverings (like every other surface in your home) are going to get dirtier faster with pets. Not only does this mean more cleaning for you, but it also impacts the air quality in your home.

When choosing window coverings that will keep both you and your pets happy, it’s crucial to consider cleanliness, or, in other words, how easy your window treatments are to clean. Therefore, it’s best to pick a style that can be wiped down easily.

Easy-to-clean window coverings make it that much easier to keep your home feeling tidy and free from fur. It also means that you won’t be breathing in as much pet dander.

Plantation shutters, roller shades, cellular shades, and vinyl vertical blinds are all easy to clean. With roller and cellular shades, use a soft brush vacuum attachment or a feather duster. Vinyl vertical blinds can be cleaned with a damp sponge, as can shutters. 

Go Cordless

Cords are the ultimate temptation for pets. As cords dangle and sway, they become a beacon for mischievous and playful pets. Installing window coverings with cords in your home is simply asking for trouble.

If you choose cords, you are almost guaranteed to end up with damaged window treatments or an injured pet. Your furry friend might rip out the cord, or even tear down the entire window covering. Furthermore, when your pet is young, they can easily injure themselves. If your pet becomes entangled in the cord, their safety is at risk.

At Window Blinds Direct, we offer a range of cordless blinds to keep your pet safe and happy. For example, our cellular shades are available in enhanced cordless options. We also offer a range of motorized shades, which work without the hassle of cords and chains.

Avoid Low-Hanging Fabrics

Would you dare install fabric window coverings in your home if you had a pet? Drapes and curtains, for instance, are far too enticing for cats. The likelihood that your cat will scratch, climb, and ultimately ruin these window coverings is high. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Silk and velvet curtains are particularly vulnerable to the antics of your pets. These fabrics are not strong enough to withstand scratches and fur.

Even if your pet isn’t a climber, choosing a window covering with low-hanging fabric is still problematic. The amount of pet hair and dander that accumulates on curtains and drapes means you will be washing them constantly. If you or someone in your family has allergies or is sensitive to pet dander, then having fabric window coverings is sure to make them sneeze.

While your pet may not be climbing your drapes anytime soon, they do love to nap in long, puddled draperies. The result, of course, is more pet hair. Low-hanging window coverings can also tangle around your pets as they play. This can be a safety hazard if the fabric wraps around their throat.

Consider the Location

Is there a particular window where your cat likes to perch? Or, is there a certain spot where your dog looks to watch for the mail carrier before barking up a storm? These are important things to bear in mind when shopping for new window coverings.

Your pet is not going to pick a new favourite window just because you bought new blinds. Therefore, adjust your expectations and choose a window treatment that works for both you and your pet.

By selecting a window covering that can withstand your pet’s activities, you are protecting your investment and peace of mind. It’s not much fun to be constantly chasing your pet away from your new blinds, only to have them return to their same spot a few minutes later. 

Additionally, a durable pair of blinds won’t be ruined as easily by an overexcited pet. This means it won’t have to be replaced as quickly. You can install more pet-proof window coverings on your pet’s preferred windows and doors.

On your pet’s favourite windows and doors, consider installing different treatments than throughout the rest of your home. That way, you can ensure the window coverings that need to be pet-proof indeed are.

Window Coverage

Sometimes, the simplest way to discourage your dog from going into a frenzy that destroys your blinds is to prevent them from seeing the thing that drove them into a frenzy in the first place.

If your dog hates the mail carrier or is easily agitated, then a window covering with complete window coverage may help. The material has to be entirely opaque and without any gaps that could offer your pup a glance of the outside world.

Robust Materials

Lastly, invest in window coverings that are made from robust materials. If you want your new blinds to survive your new puppy or kitten, they need to be durable.

Fortunately, you can have both robust and stylish coverings when you buy with Window Blinds Direct. We carry a wide range of window treatments to suit your durability needs and style preferences. In fact, we specialize in blinds that surpass others in aesthetics and functionality.

Choose Pet-Friendly Blinds With Window Blinds Direct

If you have pets, there are a few things to consider when investing in new window coverings. After all, such choices impact not only the interior design of the home, but also your and your pet’s happiness.

The first thing to bear in mind is cleanliness. Are your new window coverings easy to clean? They should be, as pet fur and dander can be a real hassle.

Second, go cordless. Cords are an invitation for damage, as are fabric window coverings like curtains and drapes.

To keep your pet happy, consider their favourite window to perch and install pet-friendly window treatments in that location. Additionally, opt for full window coverage if you know that your dog likes to bark at the outside world.

Whenever choosing window coverings for your home, durability is important. It’s even more so if you have pets. Blinds made from robust materials will hold up better in a home full of pets and last far longer.

At Window Blinds Direct, we can help you make the best investment for you and your pet. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our great products.

To learn more about window blinds in Kleinburg, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here.

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