How California Window Shutters Can Enhance Your Home

How California Window Shutters Can Enhance Your Home

Posted by  on 07-02-2023
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Having the right shutters can make your interior look luxurious, inviting, and cozy. Similar to plantation blinds, this interior design feature is easily viewed from the exterior of your home. 

California shutters have smaller louvres (2.5 inches) wide in comparison to plantation shutters (3.5 inches) wide. We show you how California window shutters’ interior design benefits your residence and makes it more visually appealing.

Advantages of California Shutters

California window shutters are beneficial as they are eco-friendly and provide energy-saving benefits in your home by allowing natural light to filter through. They reduce indoor heat by up to 40% during the warmer months. The shutter’s seamless design ensures a secure fit against any sized window.

  1. Get Complete Privacy. California shutters have easily adjustable slats and can change according to your lighting needs. Close your shutters for absolute privacy or keep them slightly tilted to allow natural filtered light to shine through. 

    Angle the slats to obtain an outside view and allow different amounts of sunlight to come in without hindering privacy.

  2. They Can Enhance Your Aesthetics. The finish and design of California shutters easily complement your existing interior design. Paint your shutters ivory or white for a laid-back and traditional feel. You can use modern finishes and textures to create a contemporary or rustic style.

  3. They Are Long Lasting and Durable. Almost every type of shutter will come with a warranty and last for a few years. You do not need to have them replaced anytime soon after your first installation. Moreover, they are custom-made to match your home and interior. This customization feature makes them the perfect size to fit all your windows.

  4. Provide Good Ventilation. California shutters allow homeowners to open windows and adjust the slats to maximize ventilation and airflow. Unlike other window treatments, California shutters do not flutter in the wind and stay put. They contain solid material made to fit each window type.

  5. Easy Maintenance. California shutters require minimum maintenance and are easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe the slats with a damp cloth or soapy water to remove dust and grime. Homeowners do not have to uninstall it to clean it like other window treatments. The wide slats can be easily wiped with a cloth while cleaning them.

  6. How to Clean California Shutters

    Due to their easily accessible design, these shutters are extremely easy to clean and do not require professional cleaning services. We illustrate how to clean them:

    California shutters are versatile enough to be used in different households. They are unmatched if you want them to beautify your home while protecting your interior. 

    California shutters are popular in Canadian homes due to their many advantages. If you want superior quality, custom-fitting services for high-quality California shutters are your best option. Contact us today to get a free consultation on the choices you have. 

    For more information on what kind of window blinds would be best suited for your home and style, including California window shutters, contact Window Blinds Direct. You can also book an appointment at 647-503-4357 or contact us online.

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