Everything you need to know about motorized blinds

Everything You Need to Know About Motorized Blinds

Posted by Michael Schwartz on 10-02-2022

Windows are the eyes of our homes, letting us see into the world around us. Windows also allow the world to see into our homes, which is why window blinds in East Gwillimbury, ON are essential for privacy.

At Window Blinds Direct, we serve families and businesses across Ontario. One of the window blinds growing in popularity among homeowners is motorized blinds. Here, we’ll talk a bit about this type of blind, how they work, and why they could be a benefit to your home or office.

What are motorized blinds?

As the name suggests, motorized blinds are a form of window blinds, which run on power rather than a string and pulley system. The blinds are controlled from a hardwired panel, a remote control, or even your smartphone. Depending on the type of motorized blind you choose, they can be powered by battery, power adapter, or solar energy.

Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds

Buying motorized window blinds in East Gwillimbury comes with a variety of advantages, including:


Walking through your home pulling blinds open can take a while, especially if you like a lot of natural light filtering into your home. Again, at night, closing all your blinds for privacy is time-consuming. With motorized window blinds in East Gwillimbury, you can open and close your blinds at the touch of a button. 

The convenience doesn’t end at automatic blind adjustments, though. You can also program when your blinds open and close for the day through your smart device. This means never having to think about your blinds unless you change your schedule. 


Not all blinds are located in easy-to-reach areas. For homes with vaulted ceilings and skylights, blinds can get tucked away in a few out-of-reach areas. Opening and closing these blinds can be dangerous and may require a ladder. Motorized blinds let you control window coverings at any height while safely standing on the ground. 

Motorized blinds also let you do away with pulley strings and cords, which can be a hazard for small children. Corded blinds can also cause some problems for pets, including cats who are especially fond of chasing them.


The concept of a motorized blind may conjure images of standardized sizes and reduced options for colour and texture. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a wide assortment of motorized blinds with just as many colours, style, and texture options to choose from as non-motorized window coverings. 

Custom options for your motorized blinds also include size. Choosing the right size blind for your windows is critical not only for a well-working blind, but for aesthetics and function as well. When a blind fits your window properly, it opens and closes without obstacles, and looks more balanced with your room and windows.


You may be wondering, “How is a motorized window blind going to add to my home’s security?” True, the blind itself isn’t adding much in the way of protection against the physical act of breaking and entering. However, your window blinds can be set on timers, or controlled from your smartphone whether you’re at home or away. 

Setting your motorized blinds on timers while you’re out of province, or simply out of town, means it always looks like someone is home. Empty houses don’t open and close their blinds in the morning and at night. 

Light Control

Light exposure fades furniture and warps artwork. Protecting your possessions with motorized window blinds is a smart way to avoid these issues. Motorized blinds are great because you can activate the blind to close during peak sunlight hours. When you know the sun is streaming into the windows on one side of your home, you can close all those blinds to protect your belongings. 

Controlling the light also means you can control the heat in your home by blocking out the sun when it’s warm, or letting it in when you’re cold. This will save on energy bills in the long term. 

Motorized Blinds FAQs

At Window Blinds Direct, we receive many questions about motorized blinds. As a leading window blind company here in Ontario, we feel it’s important for our customers to have all the information to make an educated choice. To help you with your decision, here are some of the most frequently asked questions on motorized blinds.

How many years can I expect my motorized blinds to last?

Motorized blinds can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. Standard blinds should be replaced every 7 to 8 years. So, you can expect your motorized blinds to fit into the same replacement bracket as any other blinds you buy. The difference is the amount of convenience and added safety they provide.

Do I need a different control for every blind?

No. You can power all of your motorized blinds with a single smartphone or remote control. While there are blinds you can purchase with individual remotes, many motorized systems run off a single master control, thus allowing you to choose which windows let in light. 

Will my motorized blinds increase my home’s sale value?

Potentially, yes. Purchasing blinds for an entire home is pricey, and new buyers are already looking at the hassle of moving and decorating, so not worrying about window coverings is a definite perk. Motorized blinds are a popular window blind option, and buyers are often willing to pay to keep them as part of the sale. 

How loud are motorized blinds?

Nobody wants to wake up to the whirring of electronics in the morning. Fortunately, many newer motorized blind models are made with sound in mind. While there are some motorized blinds that could use a lesson in volume, others are designed with minimal noise to worry about. 

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