Do window blinds aid in the insulation of your home?

Do Window Blinds Help Insulate Your Home? Insulating Blinds, Shopping Tips, and More

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When we think of keeping our homes warm and sealing off windows for increased energy-efficient insulation, a set of thick, heavy drapes is often the first thing that comes to mind. But have you ever considered if — and how — window blinds can do just the same?

That’s right. While most people think blinds are only best for filtering in sunlight and balancing privacy and exterior views, these window treatments can do a lot more and function just as well as thick draperies.

Were you considering swapping out your blinds or choosing between different window treatments, especially as winter-proofing will soon come in handy? It may be worth holding on to your window blinds or installing them now. See how the right type of blinds provides excellent insulation for your home year-round in Kleinburg:

How Homes Lose Heat and Cold Air

Let’s do a quick recap of why your house is too cold or too warm.

Typically, your first instinct is to turn up the AC or crank up the heat to feel perfectly cozy. But not only does this quick fix quickly get expensive, but you’ll also find yourself fidgeting with the thermostat a lot to get the right temperature. And sometimes, it really doesn’t work. That’s because the warm or cool air constantly escapes through small cracks, like the gaps between the window and frame. Windows cause 40% of heat loss in homes and buildings.

So, what do you do? One simple, a long-lasting fix is weatherproofing the windows,  which you can do with the right set of blinds. Window blinds can help create a tight seal to maintain optimal insulation, so your home is never too hot or too cold no matter the weather in Kleinburg. With this eco-friendly, natural insulation, you can also save on energy bills. A bonus is, you won’t even need to bring out a thick set of drapes and endure the hassle of swapping them out with sheer curtains when it gets too hot.

The Right Blinds Can Keep You Perfectly Warm or Cool

When people think of blinds, they typically think of thin, plastic slats and tangled cords — certainly not the best way to keep warm in the winter and maintain cool temperatures in the summer, especially when they’re not of the durable variety.

But the right type of blinds are nothing like this: they’re durable and weather-resistant, easy to operate and maintain the features you know and prefer, like customizable light filtering and privacy control.

Plus, these blinds are also professionally installed, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit that seals the windows, preventing cool or warm air from escaping. This tight seal is designed to trap a layer of air between the blinds and glass panes to maintain the perfect interior temperature. The result is excellent insulation for cozy comfort, with energy savings from reduced heating and cooling needs.

How to Get the Best Use of Insulating Window Blinds

For optimal insulation, make sure you’re using your window blinds properly. During the day, it helps to usher in more warmth from sunlight. You can rotate the slats open or raise the blinds altogether to let natural light in. Doing this reduces the need for heating since your home’s interiors are naturally kept warm by sunlight flooding in.

Then, when dusk falls, lower the blinds. This helps trap warm air accumulated indoors during the day, keeping you cozy for a good night’s sleep that will require a lot less energy for heating. Don’t forget to rotate the slats closed to keep your home’s interiors hidden from street view and maintain safety.

The Best Types of Insulating Window Blinds

Did you know that window blinds come in a variety of sizes? That’s right — there are many more blinds than the typical plastic slats and corded options that are most popularly associated with this classic window treatment. 

This means, not all window blinds are made the same: some are more durable, weather-resistant, and insulating than others. So, if you’re looking for the perfect, year-round window treatments that will keep your home perfectly warm and cozy, start with the most highly recommended insulating window blinds:

  • Venetian blinds: Consist of horizontal slats stacked on top of each other, crafted from plastic or wood, which provide excellent insulation and versatile options for light control and privacy.

  • Wooden blinds: The premium choice, crafted with highly rated and expertly treated wood for guaranteed long-lasting, weather-resistant function and year-round insulation.
  • Faux wood blinds: Choose between different insulating materials, including plastic, PVC, and vinyl. Get the classic look of wood for a wonderful interior accent, combined with moisture-resistant and weather-proofed construction for guaranteed insulation.
  • Motorized blinds: For the modern homeowner, complete your smart home with the latest in seamless automation. Motorized blinds are designed with pre-programmed controls to rotate the slats open and close and raise or lower them for maximum light filtering and privacy. You can do all these with just a press of a button for utmost convenience.

  • Fabric blinds: Designed with fabric slats, these window blinds offer excellent thermal ratings, especially during the colder months when you want to keep your living space as warm and cozy as possible, without cranking up the heat — and the energy bills — too high.

Choose Professionally Installed Window Blinds

With the right window blinds, you get the best of everything you know and love about these classic window treatments: customizable control for light filtering and privacy, plus excellent insulation. The best set of customizable window blinds in Kleinburg are sure to keep you warm, cozy, and safe all year long, saving you the trouble of swapping out your window treatments as the seasons change.

Need help choosing the perfect type of window blinds for your needs and budget? Make sure to ask the pros for expert recommendations. Keep in mind that professionally installed blinds make all the difference: it’s the best way to get the perfect fit that creates a tight seal around your windows. 

For more on insulating blinds and tips for finding the right set that keeps you perfectly cozy year-round in Kleinburg, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-503-4357, or contact us here.

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