Debunking 10 Common Myths About Window Treatments

Debunking 10 Common Myths About Window Treatments

Posted by  on 10-05-2021
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Choosing window coverings can be overwhelming. Not only do you want something that blends in with your décor but also a window treatment that offers privacy, filters light and is low maintenance. Finding a window treatment that checks all the boxes is made even more difficult with so many myths floating around about everything from care to how to hang them.

Here we help make window treatments easier to choose with these 10 common myths debunked.

1. Blinds are way too hard to clean

If you’ve been avoiding this obvious choice for privacy and light filtering because you think they’re too high maintenance, think again. Window blinds might look challenging but they really are quite easy when it comes to cleaning. You just need a quick flick with a duster to keep them clean without worrying about damaging them.

2. Make sure you hang your drapes on the window trim

We’re not sure where this idea originated but it’s just not true. If you hang your drapes on the window trim you actually ruin their appearance. You end up with windows that look squat and you’ll also block out your daylight. Drapes give you the opportunity to make everything seem bigger, including the height of your ceilings. A good trick is to hang your rod about two inches below the ceiling line and then take advantage of the width by stretching the rod at least two inches on either side. You want the inner edge to sit on the outer edge of your window, allowing light to filter in when they are open while not allowing any light to sneak in from the sides when closed.

3. Blinds will block out all the light

In general, your window treatments are there to serve a function with their design and style coming in as a bonus. You want your window treatments to provide privacy, block out the light or both. You might think something like window blinds do nothing more than block out all the light. However, you can choose how your blinds or shades work including how the light is filtered, how much privacy you need and even the insulating factor.

4. Blinds aren’t stylish

Again, because people envision window blinds to be simply a functional way to block out the light and therefore not as attractive as, say, customized drapes. In fact, window blinds come in a myriad of styles, textures, colours and patterns. You can customize them to suit any home and any size or style of window. You get the best of both worlds in style and function.

5. There’s no need to line drapes

If you are using drapery panels to provide a decorative touch flanking your blinds, they certainly don’t need lining. However, if they are your primary window treatment or will be used along with something like a sheer, you definitely want them to be lined. While this does cost more money, you will gain the benefit of them being better at filtering light, while also adding an insulating factor.

6. I don’t have window treatments because I want a minimalist look

Minimalists beware. If you think you’re achieving the ultimate minimalist look by choosing no window treatments at all, the only thing you achieve is starkness and exposure. If you want the minimalist look, the best way to achieve this is by using simple blinds. They provide the clean lines of the look you love while providing privacy and blocking out harsh light at certain times of the day. You neutralize their appearance by choosing a neutral tone to match your wall colour and they blend in seamlessly without sacrificing privacy.

7. I don’t want window treatments because I have such a lovely view

Honestly, in some cases, you can actually pull this off. For example, if you have stunning windows overlooking a beautiful lake at the cottage or a country home with views of a private valley or fields from the living room, then you can avoid window treatments.

However, completely leaving out window treatments won’t work in most situations. With the need for privacy and light, you have to choose some form of window treatment. In the case of views, you can choose specially customized window blinds to offer privacy while not obstructing your view. They can be adjusted to also filter light while still allowing you clear views of the outside. There are even types of blinds and shades that allow you to control what you see by adjusting from the top or bottom.

8. I can choose just any window treatments, what’s all the fuss?

When it comes to window treatments, they are not one size fits all. All of the following considerations impact the type of window treatments you choose:

  • If it is for a bedroom you want to make sure your treatments block out the light, so you aren’t woken too early by stark daylight
  • Also for bedrooms, ideally your window treatments offer privacy so no one can catch a glimpse of you getting dressed or worse…
  • In general, window treatments provide an insulating effect which can help reduce how noise filters both in and out of your home
  • If you have kids and pets, you want to ensure your window treatments don’t risk accidents such as choking due to getting tangled in drapes or by the blind cord
  • In rooms facing the street or a neighbour’s home, you need window treatments that provide privacy
  • In rooms that are south facing, you want to be able to block out the light to keep rooms cooler in the summer while reducing glare for TV and computer screens

As you can see, there are tons of considerations when choosing window treatments – and we haven’t even started on the suitable style and design of your window treatments!

9. I don’t have window treatments because of my custom windows

Many homeowners with customized windows are embarrassed not to have window treatments because they just couldn’t find anything in the right size or shape. However, all kinds of blinds, shades and curtains can be customized to suit your needs.

10. I have to choose curtains off the shelf because everything else is too expensive

While highly customized window treatments in luxurious fabrics or made of certain materials can be more expensive for blinds, you can find a customized solution to suit any budget. For example, if you love the look of wood, faux wood window blinds look just as good as the real thing. Always shop around to discuss your needs. We’re here to help you find the ideal window treatments sans the myths and sans the hefty prices.

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