Are Custom Window Blinds Worth It?

Are Custom Window Blinds Worth It?

Posted by Michael Schwartz on 22-02-2022

Window blinds add to the appearance and feel of your property, making your home private, cozy, and eco-friendly. However, are custom window blinds in Pickering worth the hype and extra cost?

When renovating, buying a new home, or replacing outdated window treatments, considering custom window blinds is common. Fitting blinds to the windows and surrounding areas in your home can create a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing look.

At Window Blinds Direct, we work with homeowners across Ontario, specializing in a variety of blinds options and services, including custom blinds. Here, we’ll talk more about custom blinds in Pickering, what they are, how they work, and why they are worth every penny.

What are custom blinds?

Custom blinds differ from standard blinds in their design and creation. Standard window coverings are made to fit a variety of different window sizes. They commonly come in measurements from 22” x 64” to 71.75” x 64”, and you choose the blinds based on window measurement.

With custom blinds, you don’t select a blind closest to your window size, but rather, have a blind made to fit your window exactly. The measurement is precise, creating a flush fit with a seamless covering.

Why choose custom window blinds in Pickering?

As you begin selecting blinds for your home in Ontario, there are many things to consider, including standard vs. custom. However, how do you know whether custom blinds are right for you? Custom blinds are great if:

  • You have unique shaped windows.
  • Standard blinds don’t come in the sizes you need.
  • You have refined tastes.
  • You want your windows to look uniform throughout your home.
  • You plan to live in your home for 5 or more years.

There are also many benefits to custom window blinds in Pickering to consider as you make your decision. For example, custom window blinds will:

Cover Any Window Shape

While standard windows are square or rectangular, not all windows subscribe to these shapes. When you have a specialized window shape, such as an arch or oval, buying blinds to fit it is impossible. Having blinds made to fit your window means you can have any shape covered to match the rest of the windows in your home.

Provide Better Light Management

It isn’t just about aesthetics, though. A custom covering also impacts light distribution in your home. In bedrooms, for example, you may wish to create a perfectly fitted blind for a blackout experience in the early morning hours. Custom blinds are better suited to block light because they sit in your window frame, rather than resting over it, above it, or leaving a gap on either side.

Controlling the amount of light that enters your home impacts your electric bill. In the summer, keeping sunbeams to a minimum keeps your home cool, while in winter, opening your blinds for direct light warms your home.

Fewer Blinds in the Landfill

As a society, we’ve become more conscious of the waste we create. Custom blinds offer a perfect fit on arrival, while standard blinds may be cut down to fit as needed. The excess material cut away from blinds isn’t always recyclable. This means that by not choosing a custom-fitted window covering, you’re unnecessarily adding more waste to your local landfill.

Create More Colour and Texture Options

Buying custom blinds not only means customizing shape and size, but style and colour as well. Whether you want wide slats, or are looking to match a paint chip precisely, you can customize the look of your blinds as well as the fit.

Adding colour and texture to your window coverings only adds to the purposeful look of your design scheme. It doesn’t look like the window fixtures were thrown together based on the availability at the local department store, but that your windows were dressed in care to match your interior décor.

Increase the Sale Value of Your Home

A new set of custom blinds has a lifespan of anywhere from 7 to 8 years. If you’re planning to sell your home at that time, a full home of customized window coverings will increase your home’s resale value. Why? Because fitting an entire home is costly. Buyers are often looking for ways to decrease work and financial costs following a move into a new home.

Custom window blinds also add to the overall aesthetic of your home, which will give the space added elegance and beauty during your showings. People want to buy homes they can see themselves living in, and custom blinds on each window create a warm livable look.

Are custom blinds worth the hype?

So, is buying custom window blinds in Pickering worth all the buzz? We think so. Of course, custom blinds aren’t for everyone. For example, you may not want custom blinds if:

  • You’re renting and plan to be out in a year or two.
  • You don’t have the budget right now for new window treatments.
  • You plan to change the interior design of your home soon (in this case, you’d want to wait to buy custom blinds until your final look is in place).

Fortunately, if you’re not in the market for custom blinds just yet, Window Blinds Direct can still help you find the best-suited window covering for your home and budget.

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