Window treatment options for your sunroom or porch

6 Window Treatment Options for Your Sunroom or Porch

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Sunrooms and porches in the home are meant to let light in and act as cozy outdoor areas where the family can gather and get comfortable with some fresh air. Finding the right window treatments for these areas can be tricky because you might be torn between privacy and style. With the variety of options available here at Window Blinds Direct, you should never have to compromise. Below is our list of 6 different window treatment options that would be perfect for your porch or sunroom windows. Keep in mind that many of these options are customizable to get the exact look and function that you want, with the same high quality you should expect.


If you live in a tropical or warm climate and don’t require further insulation from your window treatments, a scarf valance may work for you as a purely decorative option. Essentially, a scarf valance is a piece of fabric that drapes over a curtain rod and adds an element of colour and texture to your sunroom. If you plan to keep the view open at all times and allow light through continuously, this may be a good option for you, especially if you are just trying to add an element of style and personality to your windows.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are characterized by louvres that control light by opening and closing. You also have the option of swinging these shutters completely open so that the entirety of the window is exposed for ultimate natural light and viewing.

Plantation shutters often work well with rustic wood elements and furniture and bring a warm glow into the home, allowing a lot of natural light. It’s a classic style that gets its name from plantations in the southern United States, where they originated centuries ago. Modern plantation shutters are made with wide louvres that give them a sleek, updated appearance that is sure to blend well with your home and existing décor. These shutters are durable, long-lasting, and come in various materials to resist staining and rotting in areas like sunrooms where moisture and sun damage can wreak havoc.

Roman Shades

Another popular option for your outdoor window treatments is Roman shades, which offer a tight weave that will block out the hot sun on days you need it most. These shades have a smooth and easy-to-use pulley mechanism to ensure you get just the right amount of ambiance for your mood. The design is simple, sophisticated, and energy-efficient.

At Windows Blinds Direct, you can choose from three styles of Roman shades (soft shades, flat shades, and cascade shades). Soft shades are European style, draping softly and freely for a casual, romantic look. Flat shades are clean and modern, whereas cascade shades offer a unique texture and accent, resembling a waterfall when lowered. Regardless of your aesthetic and home décor, you will be sure to find the perfect fit for your sunroom or porch if you choose Roman shades.

Outdoor Curtains

Using outdoor patio curtains in your sunroom or porch is a good idea, as these curtains can be designed to protect furniture from harmful UV rays. The fabrics are durable and functional and can fit your style and home design. If you are looking to give your sunroom a more homey and cozy feel, outdoor curtains can be a great, stylish option.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are timeless, popular, and loved by many homeowners for their earthy, cozy feel. Wood is sought after in window treatments for its durability, high quality, and sophisticated style. Using wooden shutters in your sunroom will most certainly elevate the surroundings, add a natural touch, and give your home character and style. The good thing about wooden shutters is how durable they are, as they can withstand temperature changes and fluctuations as well as regular wear and tear. You can trust that these shutters will be worth the investment, as they are long-lasting and can provide ultimate comfort and energy-saving benefits.

Solar Shades

Last but not least, another great option for your porch or sunroom at home are solar shades, which highlight natural light while still being clean, sleek, and contemporary. They prevent glare from the sun and can block out UV rays while still being a favourite for those who love basking in the warm sun. These shades come in different amounts of openness, depending on how much natural light you would like to let in. Looser weaves generally mean more light gets filtered in. These shades can be customized for easy controls such as manual, cord-free, or even motorized.

For more information on sunroom window treatments and our high-quality shades, blinds, and shutters, please call Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here. We understand the importance of making your home as comfortable as possible and letting warm light year-round. Our team of specialists can help you choose the right style of window treatments for your lifestyle, without compromising on quality, function, or style.

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